Epic Craigslist Post for 69 Ford Truck

Epic Craigslist Post for 69 Ford Truck

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Thread: Epic Craigslist Post for 69 Ford Truck

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    Epic Craigslist Post for 69 Ford Truck

    69 Ford ½ ton. Truck

    Here's the details in case it gets taken down...

    69 Ford ½ ton. Truck - $2000 (Venus)

    69 Ford ½ ton. Truck is in mint condition except for the all the body damage from the hail storm last year. Oh yea there is a dent in the door from that time my brother got drunk and my cousin told him he would give him $50 to run full speed and ram his head into the door. He got the $50 but the stitches cost $900. I told him he could of got the vet to do it for the $50. But you know how people get when they start drinkin “they stop thinkin”.

    It does have a minor oil leak (about a quart a day). And it does burn a little oil. In fact have your ever seen one of those city trucks driving around spraying for mosquitoes? Let's me just say there are no mosquitoes in our trailer park.

    But other than that it is perfect. I promise it's hitting on all 5 cylinders. It used to have 6 but the connecting rod broke on one of them, so its not moving any more. So it's kinda like its not even there.

    The interior is in great shape. Except for a couple of things. I left the door open one day and my goats got into it and ate the seat cushions. But don't worry they ate it all the way down to the bare metal, so its kinda like patio furniture now. The springs don't even hurt after you get used to them. The goats ate the seat belts to, but it is unlikely that you will ever get this truck over 20 MPH, the front end shakes too bad.

    I keep a roll of black duct tape in the glove box. I usually tape a piece on my shirt from my shoulder across down to my belt so the cops think it’s a seat belt. This truck gets enough attention as it is with the horn sticking every time I hit the brakes or the gas.

    There is some minor water damage. I left the window open one day.

    So if you are interested send me an emale.

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    That one will go down in urban history.
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    I'm applying for a loan ASAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    I'm applying for a loan ASAP.
    I can spot you a $20.
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    I already have a truck in that condition, except mine is a chevy.
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    Thats funny stuff right there!

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    Typical Ford owner, it's perfect except it's a Ford.

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    could put into my rental fleet.

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