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This is a discussion on Response to wife within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My response would to be to mentally tally the number while asking her why she wanted to know, since she has never shown any interest....

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Thread: Response to wife

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    My response would to be to mentally tally the number while asking her why she wanted to know, since she has never shown any interest.

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    My wife probably doesn't know the exact number... But she would probably be within a +/- 5 margin of error on the number count. Pretty close anyway.
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    I am a lucky guy. My wife just plain doesn't care. As long as the bills get paid she's happy!

    Of course since I gave her a Smith and Wesson Model 36 J frame she's even happier. She doesn't carry but it's her house gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    It really sounds like you're looking for support for doing something that you were already a bit uncomfortable with, yourself. You obviously had doubts about whether or not you should have answered your wife in an open and truthful manner, and you're worried that the truthful answer would cause "bickering", "yelling", and "arguing". So, there are issues the two of you need to work out. You know you're doing something she doesn't like, so you keep it secret, justified as a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
    I can definitely see your point and can appreciate your position. I was generally looking to see if any other husbands out there tend to keep the $ spent on their hobbies semi private. While I do consider my allowance to be my own money and should be able to spend it on what ever I see fit. I don't feel, that it's a fair question for anyone to ask what it was spent on; including my loving wife. I equate that to, (you giving your kid a few bucks every week and tellin him that he earned it, but then tellin him he can't buy video games with any of it). Yeah, that seems fair.

    That's basically the mentality of some of the spouses out there that just don't like or understand the pro firearms folks, and my wife is by all accounts a semi anti gun person/sheep. If she saw a person OC'n at Walmart, I know what she'd say. "Why would they think they needed that in here". My answer is always; as long as it's legal I see nothing wrong with it. Her response to me, "Well you never need to ware yours like that, that just looks redneck and invites trouble" Oh Okay dear....

    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    Your wife cared enough to ask you how many guns you have in the house, but you don't think she needs to know. If my wife asked a straight question, I'd give her a straight answer. If I can trust her with the big stuff, I can trust her with the little stuff. She decides what's important to her, not me.
    Again, I can see your position, but would answer simply, How do you know what her intentions were, I didn't even know. I'll not answer any question blindly and risk possible reprisals without clearly knowing what's the agenda, if any first. As far as trust. I trust my wife explicitly, regardless of the way it's being comprehended on different levels, and I feel no need to go into the finer details of trust on a message board. It's not like I snapped at her when she ask the question. I simply replied, Don't you worry about that, you just worry about your .40 cal. As I recall, she didn't find it offensive at all and didn't say another thing about it. She knows my temperament and can easily tell when I'm snappy. The whole conversation before and after was nothing like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    But you, after all, are the one who had the question about whether you did right or wrong.
    Right or wrong, Insensitive or not. That was the intent of the question, and I have read and thought about the replies. I have found that some view it as wrong and some see it for what it is, and as it was meant. Maybe I'll keep trying to bring her around to the pro side and see if that'll make any difference in her attitude towards firearms. After sixteen years though, I'll not hold my breath.

    As far as the Truck purchase, She got her new loaded Honda Accord two years after my truck and this time she did say she wanted a new one.. I suprised here one day after work by picking her up and taking her to the dealer and parked right beside it. When she got out I ask her what she thought about the silver accord next to us, she said I like it but I dont like the color Ah, okay... Well maybe it's not to late; To late for what, she said. I said to pick another car out. She then realized what I was up to. She enjoyed her evening that night.

    Quote Originally Posted by rodc13 View Post
    Best of luck to you. Hope things work out.
    Thank you sir, and best to you and yours.
    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." — Thomas Jefferson

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