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This is a discussion on Here's a weird one for ya! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; are worried that a bullet will not penetrate into the earth far enough to exterminate the Vole. You will need to buy a Barrett ...

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Thread: Here's a weird one for ya!

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    140,900 are worried that a bullet will not penetrate into the earth far enough to exterminate the Vole.

    You will need to buy a Barrett 82A1 and a small step ladder.

    Rig the Heat Sensor up onto the step ladder so that your hands will remain free.

    Move the ladder in a grip pattern across the property and when you detect one underground...quickly get up on the step ladder and start blasting away with the Barrett.

    Either you will get the Vole or the Barrett will get you. One or the other.

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    The little buggers are hard to get rid of, thankfully I don't have any in my yard. My dog will see to that.

    If you are in the city and cannot discharge a firearm, try using a .22 revolver with Augila Colibri sub sonic ammo. Shoots a small .22 pellet by using the primer only. Makes hardly any noise and is effective on small varmits.

    Other than that, the snake theory would work quite well, they prey on rodents so get a bunch of King snakes or Black Rat Snakes and turn them loose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsnake View Post far will a round penetrate into soft earth? ...
    Answer: about 6"

    Source: Box of Truth
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    WOW! Thanks for all the replys.

    Superhouse 15.....Great idea...I have a fireman in my motorcycle club...I'm sure he can help out.

    Rock & Glock....Neat idea, but $3000 is a bit pricey!

    F350...that gas idea is a goody, but will save it for "Plan B".

    Retsupt99...the glass is "Plan C".

    QKShooter...will you lend me your Barrett?? Too much money for me!

    JoJoGunn.....22 would work if I could catch the buggers out of their tunnels.

    Daddy Warcrimes....ON SPOT! I'm thinkin' to go with the .45 on the basis of the information you have provided to me.

    Again, thanks to all!


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    Not as much fun, but my wife puts sticks of gum down any holes that you can find. They eat the gum but can't digest it and it kills 'em.
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    You need a RODENATOR. Seriously. That thing is beyond awesome.
    And if you get one, please post pics! It almost makes me wish I had varmints!
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    I swear this is a record year for moles in my area.

    About the only thing I have found that works is:

    Mole and Gopher Traps | Effective Control Methods to Get Rid of Moles and Gophers

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    put some long spikes through your boots and run around..

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshe View Post
    put some long spikes through your boots and run around..
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    water, water, the holes...if you can get it to 140 then pump it with the ater pump from a car...even better. cook em
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    I had to Google "Vole" to see what you were talking about.
    Never heard of them. Meadow mice is what Google said.
    I guess our Florida bugs kill them here.

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    Lt,Ill put this in words you should remember.Malaysia Gate. Look at (sorry dont understand links) they have all types of active and passive mole and vole booby traps plus a bunch of other neat stuff.
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    Try Caster beans. Its the main ingredient of most mole/ vole repellents. Drop them down active tunnels and let the animal do the work for you. Keep away from pets and kids, its what ricin is made from.
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