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Where Will You Go?

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Thread: Where Will You Go?

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    sticking it out at home...for now...
    They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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    If it's a hurricane we're going up to my folks in Georgia. If it is going to occur before we can get there, then stay in, maybe with some friends in the area. If we have enough warning (say a few days) then we are going to relatives/friends much farther north.

    Personally, I'm hoping we move out of S FL before anything really bad happens.

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    First thought local brothel or MP. If all hell is breaking loose not the worst place to wait for the Zombies. Living on Long Island there is no chance of going anywhere,the Expressway is packed all day with out people bugging out.

    Staying put at home. Have several sheets on 4 x 8 for the windows and hope enough ammo to hold off Zombie attack.

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    Amelia Virginia
    I already live there.

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    I'm gonna hunker down.
    "I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get around in places where it's spoken."

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    I find that most people have NOT given this any real thought.

    "In the event of a major catastrophe . . ." is the question but NO ONE gives the definition of what that means.

    NOLA? I stayed home. The tsunami in Samoa? Home again. Mt vesuvius (or whatever volcano is going off) erupting? Staying in and watching a movie.

    These are ALL "major catastrophe's" but I stayed home. And I'll bet you likely did also because they didn't hit your town.

    However, in the event that "the big one" hits SoCal and knocks LA into kindling and the unsupported California State economy into formal bankruptcy I'll likely stay home again for that too. Even though I'm only about an hour from LA there is no where to "bug out" to. Here I have shelter, food, water, safety, and I know my neighbors and they know me. Leaving to go somewhere else means I have no shelter, no food other than what I can carry, no water unless I beg for it, no safety, and I will likely not know anyone else I meet on the way.

    "Bug out" is a silly idea propagated by people who are trying to SELL YOU on both the idea and the "tools" needed. If things go that bad, hunker down and pull the hole in behind you because there won't BE anyplace to "bug out" to.

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    Check out The Modern Survival Philosophy.

    I like the idea of avoiding the 5 Hs as well. Seems like that's just a good life rule.

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    it depends
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    I'm more worried about my apartment building burning down than, say, a supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park erupting. Which reminds me... I need to repack my bug-out bag and put it back in the car.

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    Okay let me expand on my responce. My home is 15 minutes from the city limit at 60, I have a working garden and the ability to fortify easily against attack and CBN for days. I have a stock of food water and medical, as well as other goods. Now here is one other thing, I have a secondary site of my own. Also I have friends just like me who also have their own sites and we have rally points just incase it is a situation that we must flee our shelters. The BOB or Bug Out Bag is the last resort and only if all other locations are not there or unreachable.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

    Honing the knives, Cleaning the longguns, Stocking up ammo.

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    You and your family are vulnerable when moving. Our plan is to hunker down right here until the dust clears and options become available.

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    Stay right here--we are in the country already--all I need is a generator (next on the list) to run the well pump..........

    Oh yeah, I also need about a bazillion more rounds of ammo and just a "few" more guns
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    Well, where I live in PA - Natural disasters are pretty much a non starter.
    There are no hurricanes here. No flooding is possible where I live. No tornadoes. No tsunamis. A drastic rise in ocean levels...not a problem. No earthquakes. No drought. No hoards of insatiable locusts.<~~~
    No massive super-volcano's like all the area surrounding Yellowstone Park. Raging forest fires are not a problem.

    So I am left with Flu or Communicable Disease Pandemic/Epidemic as a possibility....or the Green Shirts wearing Tactical Birkenstock's kicking in doors in the middle of the night & I am prepared for both of those possible circumstances.
    The best way to survive a communicable disease outbreak is to completely avoid other people through the first and second waves of it and I have enough food and water (for me and mine) to do that.

    Also it is possible to head on into parts of Pennsylvania (check out PA on a Satellite map) where a person could easily get intentionally lost forever.
    There are probably still parts of PA that have not seen a human footprint since back when only Native Americans were here.

    That life would for certain NOT be easy (especially since every year I get one year older) but, life would be possible.

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    I live in North Ga, and that's where I'm gonna stay in the event of something as you describe. Higher elevation and away from the critical areas of congestion.

    Ummm, squirrel. Taste like chicken.

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    As mentioned, many variables come into play. But for most situations, I'll shelter/defend in place. If it's untenable, we have friends nearby who have land that borders forest into two states. they also have horses. We'd join forces there.

    We have also discussed long distance bug out, and getting to the major rivers and securing a ride.
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