Wifes report from Afgahnistan

Wifes report from Afgahnistan

This is a discussion on Wifes report from Afgahnistan within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just got a skype video call from my wife early today,the first one since she went over. I had to wake our daughter so she ...

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Thread: Wifes report from Afgahnistan

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    Wifes report from Afgahnistan

    Just got a skype video call from my wife early today,the first one since she went over.

    I had to wake our daughter so she could see mom,at 3am I was expecting a fight to get her up, but when I said,Moms on the puter,I had an ELECTRIC MONKEY on my hands!
    After all the usual "miss you,back soon" things,talk turned to work. Dont worry people,the US Marines are giving you your monies worth to the Taliban.Jamie (my wife) works on the crew served weapons and says,shes not ever seen M2s, MK19s or 240Golfs in the shape the troops are bringing them back in,mind you not from abuse,but pure hard firing.
    These heavy weapons are being well maintained,kept spotless and well oiled,its just the amount of ammo they are firing is wearing out parts she claims the armorers have never changed.
    I am also to say thank yall for the treat boxes everyone sends for the troops.
    And Patti, a HUG and thank yous for the extra help with Jessies problem.
    thanks friends
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    That's awesome Jessie got to see her Mama on the computer.

    You're doing a great job. I'm sure your wife appreciates you keeping her little girl safe.

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    Tell your wife ,to keep her head down and make it back okay,I saw a report on the fighting in Afghanistan,and the Taliban use the terrain to their advantage
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    Good on her and glad you are able to keep in touch. I begining to wonder if watercooled MG's might be a good idea for the FOB's

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    thanks for sharing the update. Sounds like she's doing well and glad to hear we're given them hell!
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    Thanks for the service and sacrifice you and your wife are making for our country.

    God Bless her and her family.
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