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Dont always listen to the GPS

This is a discussion on Dont always listen to the GPS within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Sometimes just some good common sense and self awareness is best. My GPS is strictly for waypoints where the bass are...

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Thread: Dont always listen to the GPS

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    Sometimes just some good common sense and self awareness is best.
    My GPS is strictly for waypoints where the bass are
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaserRonin View Post
    Mine has tried to kill me a few times. It doesn't seem to understand that one-way roads exist.
    I hope I never hear the word recalculating again

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    Years ago, before GPS units came with their own maps, some friends and I were headed out for a backcountry ski trip. Before we even left the trailhead we ran into a couple who had spent the night in a snow cave after becoming separated from the other person in their party and being unable to find the hut that they were looking for. A couple of miles down the trail we ran into skier #3, who spent the night at the hut. After talking with him we learned that all three of them had GPS units, but nobody had a map or even a compass. They all knew exactly where they were but had no idea where that point was in relation to anywhere else.
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    My GPS has led me through some pretty out of the way places. Reason, it was set to "shortest route" instead of fastest route. Dang thing found every unpaved road in the county.

    There is no substitute for a good map, a good compass, common sense, and even a second gps from a different manufacturer with different brand of built in maps.

    I've seen one of my machines tell me certain stores were located miles from where I knew them to actually be. The other got it spot on.

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    I love my GPS since I travel a lot and it helps me find hotels, grocery stores, etc.
    But you can expect it to go crazy sometimes. In Atlanta I put in the route for "Atlanta Motor Speedway" (The Nascar track) into my Garmin and it dutifully led me into a golf course 10 miles away. Garmin shows TWO Atlanta Motor Speedways. Obviously the first one is wrong.

    I have rented cars with the "Never Lost" GPS, and programmed mine and the cars. Amazingly, they pick different routes.

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    My son-in-law took a wrong exit by listening to his GPS instead of following the big green road signs to the correct exit. I don't let him forget it.
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    I love the GPS always use it. I was telling one of my managers he should get one. We went around a block twice and he said that the GPS looks like it works real good.
    Common sense with the GPS. I always have the map with me and if it is a new route I look at the map as well.

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    >King's Lynn, England. A driver of a Streamline taxi minibus was obediently following the route instructions that were being issued by his satellite navigation system. The route he followed caused him to drive the bus right into the River Nar.
    Yeah, I would have used an excuse like that as well. I see nobody checked to see if the directions were faulty or not.

    >Seattle, WA. While driving his charter bus, Brad Adams, 52, was so busy looking at his GPS navigation system that he crashed the bus into a pedestrian bridge in Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum. The bus is 11 feet, 8 inches high, the bridge, 9 feet. The passengers, 24 high school softball players, were taken to a nearby hospital.
    And following a regular road map would have prevented this accident? Nope.

    >Skegness, England. A truck driver was transporting 32 tons of freight from Turkey through several European countries with Coral Road in Gibraltar, at the southern tip of Spain as his destination. By following his satellite navigation system he wound up at a dead end in Skegness, England, missing his destination by 1,600 miles. It just so happens that both places have a "Coral Road."
    If you pick the wrong destination on your GPS, it will take you to it. You can't fight stupidity.
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    There are signs in Seattle telling how high the bridges are, If the driver doesn not know the hight of the rig they are driving, they are sure to get stuck whether they use GPS or just a map.

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