Very funny..... but very true

Very funny..... but very true

This is a discussion on Very funny..... but very true within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I had ordered a 911 call from Oct. 18, 2009. I had to go to the SO HQ to pick it up. The gal at ...

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Thread: Very funny..... but very true

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    Very funny..... but very true

    I had ordered a 911 call from Oct. 18, 2009. I had to go to the SO HQ to pick it up. The gal at the front desk had one heck of a time finding it. She kept asking for alternative names it may be under. My name, nope; firm name, nope; runner's name, wrong; I even tried my former firm's name since it took so long for the clerk of the court to get it straight. Nothing. Now understand that we order a bunch of these from ever county in Fla, every month. Certainly my friends at the Lee County SO know me.

    Then she said, "Here it is, 464XXXX." "Huh?" She repeated herself. I asked if that was my account number or something. It's possible since this was my first trip to get the cd. Then it dawned on me. Wow!

    She gave me the incident recall and the cd. I said, this is for 464XXXX. right? She said yes. I asked her if that was the caller's the phone number. Ooops! Her face turns red! She picks up the phone and next thing I know, a deputy from the Civil Division is at the door to speak with me. Hmmm.

    Down a hall, into a side room with nothing but two desks, one chair and a phone. He tells me to sit, I decline. He asks me what the problem is, and I say none, explaining why I was there, and that I've paid and I'm ready to leave. I ask him what the problem is, and if I am free to leave? He says soon.

    Another man joins us, he gets to wear a Lee County SO polo shirt to work. Lucky guy. I'm told that I should not know the identity of the 911 caller. I inform them that I don't. We get into a "ya-huh", "nu-uh" for a minute or so. I ask them why their clerk gave me the number 464XXXX and what it means. I'm told it doesn't mean anything. We're good then, I'm ready to go.

    Polo guy tells me that I'm not allowed to use that number. Okay, why would it? For what? Please tell. Now I start to laugh. Here come the perplexed looks. The problem isn't me, it's their clerk's, and now we all know it. I am now free to leave.

    The 464-XXXX was the 911 caller's cell phone number. Oops!

    State law has a public records exemption concerning the name, phone number, address and ANY information that might identify the person requesting 911 assistance.

    Seems the clerk and the two LCSO employees thought that they could intimidate me to get themselves out of a problem.

    Would have gone much easier if one of the guys had simply admitted the error, and asked me not to use the number.

    (Thank you to SR for typing this for us.)
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    When will they learn. Its the cover up that gets ya every time.


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    This story is a great illustration that when you only have one tool (threat of force) you tend to use it in ways it was never meant to be used.

    Small minded thugs with badges.

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