Who's the cook?

Who's the cook?

This is a discussion on Who's the cook? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So whos the cook at your house? You or your significant other? What are yours (or theirs) specialties? I'm the cook at home. I'm a ...

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Thread: Who's the cook?

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    Who's the cook?

    So whos the cook at your house? You or your significant other? What are yours (or theirs) specialties?

    I'm the cook at home. I'm a better cook too, shes even admitted it For me I like to cook beef stroganoff from scratch, stuffed peppers, and home made spaghetti. Those are my 3 main specialties.

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    My wife does most of the cooking, but I am the better cook. Yes, she will tell you the same thing...
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    I do alll the cooking. My wife does most of the baking other than breads and the like, those are left up to me.

    Almost any ethnic style of cooking is in the mix.


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    I cook anything that doesn't need a recipe (i'm the king of wing), and my wife does anything that follows a recipe closely. It's a good arrangement.
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    I worked for years as a cook and spent time with some brilliant chefs, so my wife loves having me cook and I do most of it. Some of my specialties are chicken cordon bleu with a white wine cream sauce, chicken marsala, meatballs, beef stew, and chili (my favorite). I don't do much baking, but the good news is my wife works as a baker, so we're the perfect pair in the kitchen.
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    We switch off, depends on the menu, somethings the wife is better at and vice versa.

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    I cook, my wife heats frozen entrees up or microwaves leftovers
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    When I was living in a house as a civilian, I did al my own cooking, amazing what a man with a chunk of meat, some other stuff, and a crock pot can do in a day. I made lots of roasts and chilis and stews, and the room mates thought they were pretty good too.

    Now I'm pretty much relegated to whipping up some delicious Sloppy Joe, Chili with Beans or Chicken Fajita MRE's, and haven't been able to find a way to make the cheese and veggie omelet edible yet.
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    I do most of the cooking unless it's a quickie meal. I was a chef for 16 years until I got burned out. Some of my favorite dishes, and yes I still make them at home are...

    Grilled venison in a Kentucky Bourbon sauce.
    Broiled sea scallops parmigiana. (nope it's not in a red sauce)
    Blackened Cajun catfish. I make my own seasoned rub.
    Grilled swordfish in a lemon dill cream sauce.
    Beef Wellington with a Duexelle sauce.

    Anybody else gettin hungry?
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    I cook simple stuff,beef stew, pasta,sloppy joes,steaks,baked dishes
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    My fiancee is the cook in our home. I burn everything... even things that don't require heat to prepare.
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    I'm the cook most days... we eat a lot of grilled food, and I got a black belt in BBQ...

    My hunnee likes to cook at least one meal on the weekend... tonite she treated me to a giant roast beast, mashed potatoes with cheddar and spinach, broccoli, and biscuits...

    Yes, I am becoming a large land mammal...
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    Quote Originally Posted by morintp View Post
    I worked for years as a cook and spent time with some brilliant chefs, so my wife loves having me cook and I do most of it. .
    Dito here. My wife entertains, mixes drinks and assists.

    SO looking forward to cooking the meal this year. For awhile it looked like we'd be in line at a charity meal.

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    My wife does all the cooking and baking... I offer to cook, but then she won't eat...

    Seriously though, I do all the outdoor grilling, so it kinda evens out...
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    The Mrs. does most of the cooking. I feed the kids a lot, hotdogs, grilled cheese, mac & cheese, fruits and raw veggies, kid stuff.
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