Teen dead after "playing 'with gun

Teen dead after "playing 'with gun

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Thread: Teen dead after "playing 'with gun

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    Teen dead after "playing 'with gun

    Beaumont teen dies from gunshot wound
    November 22, 2009
    Posted: November 22, 2009, 2:14 PM CST Last updated: November 22, 2009, 7:22 PM CST

    A Beaumont teen died this weekend after being shot with a .22 caliber pistol, according to Beaumont police.
    The teenager, was shot by accident while playing with a gun, witnesses told investigators, in the 3600 block of Usan Street Friday night, according to a police report.
    An autopsy was scheduled for today, police spokesman Randy Stevens said by phone Sunday.

    I do not know how or where this local youth got the gun. I posted this to remind all gun owners to always know where your guns are and that they are secure from immature people. I believe it is great for teens to learn about guns and shoot, but we adults need to shoulder responsibility and supervise them.

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    very sad.

    terrible way to be reminded of one of the most important rules of responsible gun ownership.
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    He wasn't a little kid, he was a teen...stupid is as stupid does. There is absolutely no excues to this tragedy. The responsility here is wide-spread...OMOYMV
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    Two, very highly responsible brothers, 1-18 & 1-16, who I had in scouts several years and were great kids. They went hunting all of the time with their father (who was an LEO). One day they were 'messing' with a shotgun (unlike them to do something like this ) and one of them was handing it to the other..... the other one did not have a hold on it when he let go, gun went off when they both tried to grab the shotgun as it was falling. It was apparently loaded, and shot the younger one point blank in the chest, killing him.

    Even today, I think about that.... and how truly sad it was. Which of them chambered a round has never been known, except by them. His brother, has never been able to deal with the guilt, and the parents lost it completely. Sad, really sad. The Chief of Police made the father go "arrest" his son on manslaughter charges. Eventually, the son was found not guilty.... and he had lots of people fighting for him. He never got over the guilt that his brother had died... from them "messing" with the shotgun.

    Hate to hear news like this.....

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    Hate to hear news like this.....
    Me too.

    This is going to be another in a line of statistics that Anti-gun folks will be using to point out how dangerous firearms are and we have no business even owning them.

    However, no device mankind makes is completely safe, the possibility always exists that deaths from accidents or misuse will occur.
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    My kids were learning about guns when they started to crawl, at 10 they could disassemble and assemble a glock, and in there teens could out shoot me. The parent here has not done there job.
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    that really sucks... its hard to hear news like this. The teen disobeyed pretty much EVERY the rule of safely handling a gun...

    finger off trigger
    assume its loaded
    point muzzle in safe direction

    Following just 1 of them may have prevented the incident.
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    While sad, it is their own fault. It is NEVER encouraging to pull a 'clean up' detail after such a sad, terminal, case of "dumb *****." While the family has my sympathy, this should serve as a reminder that one must be eternally vigilant against improper gun storage/handling.

    The parents will NEVER get over this.

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