Possible Move To Texas

Possible Move To Texas

This is a discussion on Possible Move To Texas within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So I am thinking about moving to the Palacios area and was wondering what people think about it? Home prices seem low, I like no ...

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Thread: Possible Move To Texas

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    Possible Move To Texas

    So I am thinking about moving to the Palacios area and was wondering what people think about it?

    Home prices seem low, I like no income tax, and the reasonable gun laws.

    Other pro's/con's?


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    Houston, TX - USA
    My husband says the world's best fishing is there!

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    Not familiar with the place though it isn't that far from here. If you can stand the heat and the humidity, and rare hurricane threat, it sounds about right.

    I have always missed having 4 distinct seasons but realize that warm is better than snow and ice when you start to get old.

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    Yep, you are right down the road from Port O'Connor where most people put their Boats in the water to head over to San Antonio/Mesquite bay for some of the best Redfish/Trout fishing on the gulf coast. Property taxes are relatively stable there, and the people are top notch. It gets pretty hot down there, but not unreasonable.

    If you are looking to escape from the northeast it is a great place to live. I worked down there for years in the Oil & Gas industry so I am very familiar with the area.....
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    Every year when I have to cough up property tax money on all my vehicles, I miss living in Texas!

    I never lived any farther than Dallas, but I've been down in that area enough to agree about the humidity and heat.

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    I like FL, the weather here, and the gun laws. If I were to ever move again, TX would be the place.
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    Buy a English-Spanish Dictionary, maybe Rosetta Stone language course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CT-Mike View Post
    I like no income tax...

    Point of use Taxes are higher...

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    Press any key.......
    Not to like:

    Property Taxes;
    Maybe schools
    Sales tax; and.......

    To Like:

    Weather (Hot & Humid);
    No income tax;
    Gun laws;
    Business climate; and

    Try the Places Rated Almanac too!

    David Savageau's Places Rated Home Page | Places Rated

    A great resource!
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    Palacios is where Ike was supposed to hit.....
    That being said..... Life is great down here!
    I escaped from nanny state of Maryland back in 2006 and this is like another planet!
    The only down side is property taxes. They take a big bite.
    The good news is that if the family goes from one income to two incomes you don't pay a nickle more. The down side is if you go from two incomes to one income you don't pay a nickle less......
    If you rent you don't pay (directly) anything.
    What I love about Texas is they have almost codified Darwinism!
    Helmets are optional for motorcyclists of age.
    That big hot tub sized thing full of ice at the gas station has beer burried in it. Buy it by the can.
    New years and fourth of July are "fireworks" holidays. I am not talking sparklers and snakes and lady fingers. I am talking mortars!
    The list goes on, but basically they allow you every reasonable opportunity to take yourself out of the gene pool. If you aren't smart enough to do something safely, you don't need the state to tell you that. You will figure it out soon enough.
    Did I mention the world class hospitals?
    We actually have drive in movies here! I hadn't seen one in Maryland in over twenty years!
    My only regret is I didn't move here sooner!
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    I think you'd like it down here...I don't really know how high the property taxes are other places, but mine are about $2k/year here near Houston...They are less now, than mine were in Colorado in the 80's...State sales tax runs 6.5%, which is what you pay on cars, trucks, etc...Other purchases then you get added city taxes, etc...and most have a total sales tax of 8.25%...

    Fishing is great around Palacios, deer hunting is a big time thing, in Tx and you're not far from some prime areas....

    I think you'd like it...
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    __I love Texas! Football, Guns(Hunting), & Fishing are like the Hoy Trinity in Texas! If you are a fan of any of these sports or activities you will fit in well. Plenty of good Southern food too! Dallas weather isn't bad in my opinion, but the closer you get to the gulf, the more humid it gets. We rarely get snow here, but when it does get icy DO NOT DRIVE. Texans do not know how to drive on ice PERIOD.

    __Like one of the earlier posts said, you may need to pick up a little Spanish, as the State is constantly being flooded with immigrants from Mexico. Seems like our county has changed from having the immigrants to learn our language and adjust to American ways, to Americans being forced to learn to adapt to the immigrants ways. Now some jobs have begun to require us to learn spanish language in order to reach out to that LARGE group of the population .

    __Recently I was in a parents meeting with the Dallas School District Superintendent M.Hinajosa, and a parent who was on waiting list to work as a teacher asked him what she could to to make herself more likely to be hired. He stated learn to speak spanish. There are not enough Spanish speaking teachers for all the spanish students in the district now. That would likely push her closer to the front of the line for hire. The parent was a young educated African-American female. Now being educated with a college degree isn't enough. You gotta speak Spanish too.

    __Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Hispanics at all. I just think some things are getting out of hand down in my neck of the woods. I can only imagine what its like in the cities closer to the border. I love TEX-MEX cookin tho. Not the same as Genuine Mexican food. There is a difference altho Im not the best one to explain.

    JOIN US IN TEXAS! I have a nice, hot, steamin' bowl of chili waiting for ya!!!
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    And when you get here figure on spending a day in Lockhart so you can have some of the best BBQ in the world. I would recommend really making it a weekend thing so you can hit Black's and Kreuz one day and Smitty's and Chisholm trail another.
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