Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice..

Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice..

This is a discussion on Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice.. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Hey guys, I've inherited a substantial amount of old Lesney/Matchbox cars, along with many in their original cardboard boxes, as well as two Lesney carrying ...

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Thread: Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice..

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    Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice..

    Hey guys,

    I've inherited a substantial amount of old Lesney/Matchbox cars, along with many in their original cardboard boxes, as well as two Lesney carrying cases, a BP gas station, etc. I am looking for a guide either online or in print to gauge the value of each item (in regards to condition, age, demand, etc.). Also, I am looking for a reputable apprasial service that is familiar with these collectibles that can confirm or change my own research, and finally an outlet to sell them, as I need funds for school (local police academy).

    Any suggestions/ideas?

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    i'd play with them first.
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    They are worth money. Condition is important.

    Your best best...go to Ebay. Use the Advanced Search feature and search COMPLETED AUCTIONS for Lesney/Matchbox and see what actual auction final bidding prices have been.

    That is your best bet for the REAL WORLD in order to actually turn your collection into cash money.

    Remember that the better your pictures and description are...the better your auctions will do.

    HINT: You are often better off listing them either in groups or as a collection.

    Usually it's best not list them individually since many potential buyers are very reluctant to bid say...$10.00 on a single item that is "dollar collector worth" $10.00 collector value and then pay an $6.50 + Insurance for delivery of a single $10.00 item.
    In that instance - they win the item but, they lose at the same time since they will need to wait (sometimes years) until the collector value appreciates high enough to equal the value of the single item plus what they lost in shipping costs in order to own it and get it home.

    However bidders WILL bid quite high and they will bid very close to the actual book or collector value in order to win a nice grouping or collection as long as they can pay one Shipping and one Insurance cost. That is not to say that single listed items will not get bids but, serious collectors pay more and bid higher for groups and collections.

    They are a hot ticket item and they DO get bids.
    Remember that everything is only WORTH what somebody else is willing to PAY.

    If an appraiser tells you that an item is WORTH a thousand dollars but, you don't have a buyer that is willing pay you that.....then what it's WORTH as an appraised value does you absolutely no good.

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    +1 I am a collector for many years for fun....maybe for money later on when its convenient, look to Ebay they probably have price guides there too.
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