Mail carriers need to carry this time of year

Mail carriers need to carry this time of year

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Thread: Mail carriers need to carry this time of year

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    Mail carriers need to carry this time of year

    This guy should have been armed.
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    Sick and twisted.

    I liked it!!
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    ROFLMAO.... I haven't quit laughing yet... and listened to it 4 x's.... now that's funny.

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    40-50 years ago Postmen carried a big, heavy leather mail bag and there was a holster inside. At that time airline pilots were required by postal regulations to be armed to protwect the mail.

    IIRC during LBJs term, the new Postmaster General disarmed the mail carriers and removed the requirement for airline pilots to be armed.

    Only after that time did any body "go postal" or hijack an airliner.
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    That was FUNNY.
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    She needs a bigger frying pan! lmao. . .
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    "Who is to say that I am not an instrument of karma? Indeed, who is to say that I am not the very hand of God himself, dispatched by the Almighty to smite the Philistines and hypocrites, to lay low the dishonest and corrupt, and to bust the jawbone of some jackass that so desperately deserves it?"

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    Sounded very similar to the 911 call from Tiger Woods wife.
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    Good one!

    Very similar to the "911 Deer call" but much cleaner.
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    I'm waiting to take a defensive pistol course from someone whose resume includes retired postal worker!
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    LOL was a good one. Knowing my luck I would give a winning lotto ticket as a gift.
    True but: Having embalming fluid in your system is gotta be worse

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