How Times Have Changed!!

How Times Have Changed!!

This is a discussion on How Times Have Changed!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; These are genuine TV commercials from days long passed. Think they'd get on the air today?? YouTube - Flintstones Cigarette Commercial YouTube - More Doctors ...

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Thread: How Times Have Changed!!

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    Exclamation How Times Have Changed!!

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    I actually had a machine gun similar to that. As I remember, mine had a wind up key. It would shoot a whole roll of caps with one winding.

    My goodness, I haven't thought about that in years
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    I remember a kid show had a tommy gun like that, it was cooooool.

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    Know what's scary? I remember those commercials.
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    I remembered that Fred Flintstone commercial as well.
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    I don't remember those adds but ones like them. I also remember office visits to our doctors, he would light up a Pall Mall during an exam.
    Must be he didn't see the commercial about doctors liking Camels...

    Jeez thanks for reminding me how old I am.
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    I had one of those revolvers that shot plastic bullets when I was 10. I left it over my Grandmother's house, and when my cousin visited her, he saw it and asked her why she had a 38 in the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mi2az View Post
    I remembered that Fred Flintstone commercial as well.
    As I recall....when Hanna-Barbera created "The Flintstones" was DESIGNED to be "an adult-oriented cartoon", Wilma having a baby, etc. -- subject matter "kid's" cartoons would not address....
    I'd forgotten about ol' Fred's "nasty habit"....
    Interesting that, even back in the Stone Age....Fred and Wilma (and Betty and Barney) had fights...but their marriages never went "on the rocks", as it were.....

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    Whoa, Neat tommy gun.
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    Ok there has to be a place to find that tommy gun setup. Now that is awesome!
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    WOW, 3 bucks. LOL That Tommy Gun was cool!

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