Perrin Bracelet- FYI

Perrin Bracelet- FYI

This is a discussion on Perrin Bracelet- FYI within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Proper credits to EDC knives, for the photo. I'm not usually a jewelry wearer, but these caught my attention. Good present, if you need something ...

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Thread: Perrin Bracelet- FYI

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    Perrin Bracelet- FYI

    Proper credits to EDC knives, for the photo.

    I'm not usually a jewelry wearer, but these caught my attention. Good present, if you need something useful and "Pretty" to recommend to the wife/GF to buy for you. By and large, bracelets and fancy rings just hang-up, get dirty, and drag body parts into places you don't want them going. This bracelet is comfortably chamfered, and stainless. Grease/gunk can be removed with break cleaner or tossed in the dishwasher. My kind of maintenance!

    Couple of words of warning, before I go further:
    1) It says that "some" adjustment is possible. This is a tad misleading, as the construction, and intended use restricts this. (More in a minute)
    2) I ordered the 2 5/8", and I really should have waited for the 2 1/4" to come in, as this is a bit looser than I like. Order EXACTLY the size you want- again, don't plan on much "adjustment".

    Construction is stainless steel wire, roughly 20g, three strands on each side, and interwoven. Given the handling, I would venture that it has a spring temper, but I'm not positive. Having grown up in the SW, my experience with these types of bracelets is the basic Small-Med-Large, squeeze to fit, in sterling silver/brass/copper. If you can squeeze more than a few millimeters in, on one of these (without compromising it) I'd be very surprised. My attempts at snugging it up, with moderate hand pressure have no measurable result- it springs right back. As follows, though, you don't want to close the gap much- it's meant to come off fairly quickly. If you close it too much, you would probably be compromising the metal, and you would definitely do yourself an injury, tearing it off in haste.

    I'm talking about a men's slip on bracelet, that really has minimal personal adjustment, compared to others in the family- why does it work this way? (Its Perrin, you know there is weaponology here somewhere!) I can't readily find the pic, but essentially, it functions as improvised knucks, with the opening facing outward. I tried some "moderate" jabs and push-n-twist against my hand, forearm and the sheetrock wall. Yeah, it will cause an "owie" .
    Some light, bare-knuckle-weight jabs to the wall result in some decent little cuts and gouges (to the wall, not my hand). I can feel the bracelet flex, leading me to believe it's spring tempered.

    Would it "collapse"? If it did, I would say you'd be hitting hard enough to break knuckles. Given its design (braided spring wire, locked in place by welding at the ends, with opposing force applied by a clenched fist), it should have good force-dispersion, and form holding. I'd like to try it, with a bit more force against a bag. I have an old canvas sea-bag, and extra sleeping bags, so I may be able to dummy something up this weekend, but I definitely feel good delivering light facial jabs with the bracelet.

    All in all, a neat little piece of gear that no one can/would question. Prices, depending on where you look, average about $60 delivered. (I'm not connected with them, but EDC knives seems to have the lowest price. Thanks, Duane!)

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    Thanks for the heads-up; I was unaware of this intriguing product.

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    I have one of Fred's bracelet. It's a great low profile tool. I show my students many ways that it could be used as a self defense tool.


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    good lookin' guy bracelet...thanx !...
    " Refuse to be a victim, make sure there is a round chambered ! "

    Just call me a pessimistic optimist !

    U.S. Navy vet 1981-1992

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    Thank you for posting this. My wife is always saying that she can't buy me anything because whatever I want, I usually just go get -- so a couple months ago, I told her that she could buy me a really tough stainless steel bracelet, but I didn't know of one, and if I found one, then she could order it for me.
    Now I do and I'll pass the info along to her.

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    Rob, thanks for the photo credits and for posting this review.

    One other thing that I like about the Perrin Bracelets is that they are a weapon on your wrist as well. I can use the bracelet to strike with in the back-hand manner, or in a outward or downward hammer fist strike, and it's definately going to get someone's attention. Add to that, if I am applying any number of joint locks where you 'roll' your wrist/forearm over your opponant's arm or neck, it's great at applying a little extra pressure.

    A friend of ours is a corrections officer and wears his Perrin bracelet every day at work, since he can't have any 'real' weapons on him. He said it saved his bacon on more than one occasion.

    Apologies if our listing seems a tad misleading...

    There is some minor adjustment that can be made to accomodate a slightly larger or smaller wrist.

    This is obviously easier on thinner guage vs. larger guage bracelets...and it really is minor.
    We will update the listings accordingly. Not our intention to steer anyone wrong.

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