THAT Phone Call

THAT Phone Call

This is a discussion on THAT Phone Call within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; You know the phone call, the one where your wife/husband calls you when YOU don't think they should. The one where when you look at ...

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Thread: THAT Phone Call

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    THAT Phone Call

    You know the phone call, the one where your wife/husband calls you when YOU don't think they should. The one where when you look at caller id as the phone is ringing, you know this is not going to be good before you answer.

    I got that phone call the other day. "I've been in wreck" and just for a second you don't hear anything else.

    Turns out to be a fairly benign wreck. Nobody was hurt. My wife hit another lady's truck behind the driver's door at about 5 mph. The other lady pulled out in front of my wife. My wife braked as hard as she could but the impact was unavoidable at that point.

    She called me immediately. I told her to call the police to get a wreck report. She calls the police and calls me a little later, I'm in the process of leaving work to come help her. I remind her that she has to inform the officer that she has a CHP. She knows and tells me she already did. I arrive at the scene and the officer is talking to my wife while she is in the driver's seat. I'm scoping out the damage and the officer turns to me and wants to go over what happened and I have to interrupt him to inform him of my carrying status. He's cool with everything and quickly gets back to the wreck. He has determined that fault lies with the lady who pulled out in front of my wife.

    Our car is still driveable. We are now dealing with that lady's insurance to get a new bumper for the Yukon.

    Man, I hate those phone calls.

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    But, as you said, it was pretty benign.
    Everyone walked, no injuries, no fisticuffs, a little on the frustrating side.

    Glad the DW is alright.

    Merry Christmas.
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    I know what you mean, those calls can put a lump in the back of your throat. Glad everything turned out ok for you and your wife and nobody was hurt.
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    I'm with ya.......THAT call came from my son who was rear-ended while behind the wheele of my truck. Wasn't anywhere NEAR his fault but boy was he scared.....Daddy's truck?!?!?!!!!! OH NO !

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    Know that call well, about 11:30 one night my roommate calls, she was returning from Chapel Hill and they hit a deer. They were both all right but Bambi did not fare as well.
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    I'm glad everyone was alright.
    Two women in a car accident? At least one had to be on her cell phone.
    Around here, I never see women drive without talking on their phones. (Fl.)

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    My "call" was rough: teaching one day, the office told me on the intercom to call them on the phone. I did so, and the secretary's first words are, "First of all, your wife and daughter are OK, and we're sending down someone to watch your class so you can meet them at the hospital..."

    This was before cell phones: she used her Ham radio to request an ambulance, to call the school, and then tell me what was going on when I called her after the office paged me. I beat the ambulance to the hospital. I wasn't on the phone or radio while driving... but I was praying like a big dog.

    All turned out well, but it was a bit rough for a moment.
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    Several years ago I made “the call” to my wife. I was driving a tractor trailer rig on a day when it was raining so hard that I swore I would see Noah building his second ark just over the next rise. Being the polite driver I am I when I saw another big truck merging onto the freeway and I started to move over to give him room to get on the highway. It was then I noticed a car riding in my blind spot, I did not jerk the wheel but I stopped moving over real quick, that quickness was enough to cause the truck to hydroplane (I was empty, so I had no weight for traction). It is really quite an experience to be in a truck that is sliding sideways down the highway at 60MPH! I completely lost track of both the car and the truck that were near me, to this day I do not know where they went.

    When all of the sliding stopped I was setting on top of the guardrail with six flat tires and two ruptured fuel tanks. In all there was about $40,000.00 damage to my truck. I was not hurt and I had to walk about a half mile to call the highway patrol and my company because no one would stop and this was before I got my first cell phone.

    After things started to get settled a salesman for my company stopped and let me use his cell to call my wife. She had not gotten home from work so I left her a message on the answering machine that I had totaled my truck and was on the way to the hospital. I was only going to the hospital to take a drug test due to the accident. When my wife heard my message she just shrugged it off and went about starting on her homework. She never gave it a second thought until her boss called her and told her that my company had called and told them about the accident. Then she panicked!

    One last thing, I was often asked what was going through my mind as I was fighting to get control of the truck, I swear the only thing I could think of was “this is not going to look good on my resume!”
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    Glad no one was hurt. Once when filling out a form at a new doctor, the line that says "who to call in an emergency" i wrote 911. My wife sees this and asks why I didn't put her name and phone number in the space. I told her she is not a doctor and if I have an emergency at the doctor's office, I really need 911 help.

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    Not too long ago, about 2 weeks ago, I received the same call from my girlfriend. She had been rear ended by another female driver. The other driver was at fault, but did not want my girlfriend to call the police for a report. My girlfriend called anyways.

    I hear my girlfriend say that the other female wanted to say that it was both her fault and my girlfriends fault FOR HER REAR ENDING MY GIRLFRIEND! Well you know how I felt after hearing that. I drove out there and ended up arriving as the state trooper was finishing up the report.

    I have a feeling, even though no one had said anything, that the other female driver was talking on the phone or distracted with something in her car, and rear ended my girlfriend.

    One semi-funny and irritating thing that happened as I was driving out to help my girlfriend with the incident. I was almost rear ended!!! It was crazy! Some female who was driving in front of me, decided to slam on her brakes in a straight through lane (green light) at an intersection to turn left! Some guy and his son were in a truck following me, and when I hit my brakes and came to a stop very quickly (performance brakes on my car), along with holding my horn down, the guy in the truck behind me locked his up and came within a few inches of the back of my car!

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    Glad everyone is ok. Statistics say each one of us will be in a few car accidents in their life. Most are benign. Get your wife some flowers. As hard as it is on you, it is much harder on her.

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    happened to me about 2 years ago.wife rolled jeep. hilarious,imagine a lose 357 rolling around and an anti-gun paramedic on the scene, wife hanging upside down in a seatbelt. after i found out she wasnt hurt i laughed till i cried. it is too long to post, but wife was sore for a few days. all she was worried about was the officer wouldnt give her gun back till he was sure she was ok and not it shock.

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    I had a normal phone call turn into "that call" once. I was talking to my wife while I was at work, she was stopped at a traffic light taking the kids to something or other, and while she sat there a drunk slid sideways through the intersection and hit our car with the wife and the kids in it! I heard the screeching of tires and the smashing of metal, the screaming of the kids and my wife. It was the single most frightening thing I have ever gone through, and I am a person who has been in combat and has been nearly killed twice.

    Everyone was ok, minor injuries, the drunk was fine. Both cars completely wrecked. Thank goodness for air bags and seat belts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LethalStang View Post
    I know what you mean, those calls can put a lump in the back of your throat. Glad everything turned out ok for you and your wife and nobody was hurt.

    Man, I hate those phone calls.


    I heard once on Paul Harvey, a guy and his wife bought a new car, and he placed an envelope in the glovebox with all the other pertinent papers, and written on the envelope it said, "in case of accident Open this", well she evidently got into an accident a short while later, she opened the envelope, and inside was a letter, saying" I hope everyone is alright, don't worry about the car, it can be replaced .
    Her tears went from sad to happy tears after that.

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