Mother hysterical over toy gun

Mother hysterical over toy gun

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Thread: Mother hysterical over toy gun

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    Mother hysterical over toy gun

    Third grader brings toy gun on bus |

    Third grader brings toy gun on bus

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A young student faces disciplinary action. He is accused of bringing a toy gun on board a school bus.

    It may seem harmless, but the bottom line is, toy guns are considered weapons in many school districts, including Buffalo. News 4 sat down with a concerned mom and her son who believes he was a bully's intended target on the bus.

    8-year-old Isaiah Douglas described what it sounded like when, he claims, a boy fired a toy gun at him on his Monday bus trip home from the Dr. Lydia T. Wright School.

    Douglas said, "Well, when it shot at me, I backed up."

    The third grader says he knew almost immediately the gun was a toy and was never hit. But his mother is livid that a fellow student was able to bring such an item on the bus, aim, and shoot.

    Regina Eubanks, Isaiah's Mother, said, "It could have almost had his eye put out. Imagine if it were your child. I don't need to overreact. All I want is my point across."

    A bus driver and an aide were on the bus at the time of the alleged incident. Apparently, no action was taken until Isaiah's mom stepped in.

    Douglas said, "I told the bus aide. [She did] nothing."

    "Pay attention to the children. You have to be more aware," said Eubanks.

    The School District's Associate Superintendent called to confirm that the student who allegedly brought the toy gun on the bus has been suspended and could face further disciplinary action pending the outcome of a hearing.

    The district has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to weapons in school and on school buses. Last year, the board broadened the definition to include toy guns.

    Eubanks said, "It's dangerous. You play with those types of things at home."

    Isaiah has not been on a bus since Monday. His mom kept him home because of the stress of the situation.

    "Until I feel he's safe, then I'll put him back on the bus," said Eubanks.

    News 4 was unable to find out what type of toy gun was used in this case, but the penalty for bringing it on a school bus is severe. Depending on the circumstances, a student can be expelled or face an automatic year long suspension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    ...... toy gun ... the penalty for bringing it on a school bus is severe. .........
    'Severe' penalty for a toy gun? Seems to me a sharp pencil jabbed at someone could be far more dangerous than a toy gun.

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    This is the idiotic ,warped world we live in

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    The 8 year old brought a toy gun onto the bus? He should be suspended from school forever, and put into an adult prison for at least 20 years...can't be too careful here...
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    in 6th grade i gave a kid a sealed bag of 100 BBs at the bus stop b/c he asked for them the day before and I thought nothing of it. That day he threw the BBs in gym.

    He and I recieved the same punishment... 3 day suspension. The principle told me "its kids like you that grow up to be unibombers", needless to say my parents had a few choice words for her.

    the principle told my parents that BBs were concidered "firearms", my parents (both anti) continued to tell her that she was completely out of line, and called police dept to confirm that BBs were in no way illegal for me posses and were not in any way considered a firearm (not bb gun, just BBs, how can a little metal ball be a fire arm!?)
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    In our school district, if you bring a spent casing, it's grounds for immediate dismissal! No ifs, ands, or buts!

    Don't frisk me, I am the weapon.

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    Freakin' twits - all of them.

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    Funny. I just posted this thread and then read this one. Times are a bit different now.
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    I'm glad to be out of school. When I finally have kids of my own, they're going private school all the way. None of this stupidity.

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    Jeez, when I was in school we all had toy guns and played with them at recess. Back in those days the cap guns were realistic looking as well. Times have certainly changed.

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    I live in Buffalo and this was all over the news. It's pretty typical around here for the inner city types to overreact over a toy gun while at the same time maintain a "Don't Snitch" credo on the streets when an illegal "real" gun is used in a crime. For me it is just another day in paradise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    In our school district, if you bring a spent casing, it's grounds for immediate dismissal! No ifs, ands, or buts!

    Davie county NC, Mocksville area, has a shooting team through the public high school. Just thought I would pass that on. A buddy of mine was a coach for the shotgun portion, his son competed. IIRC, shotgun, archery, and small bore rifle. It's funny how different some areas are.

    Looks like there is even more types of competition than I thought. Civilian Marksmanship Program, check out all the NC schools with shooting teams!!!

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    Schools also have the right to search and siezure--even vehicles in the parking lot.

    I know a kid who got expelled because he has a fish fillet knife in his truck tool box. The fillet knife was wrapped in foil--along with the skeleton of a fish. He had gone fishing over the weekend and forgot all about it.

    School officials illegally searched his truck, found the "evil" fish fillet knife, and expelled him.

    I am soooo glad my kids are out of school.

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    Never ceases to amaze me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    The 8 year old brought a toy gun onto the bus? He should be suspended from school forever, and put into an adult prison for at least 20 years...can't be too careful here...
    Wait, he'll grow up and want to have real firearms when he's older.
    Or he could (gasp) actually carry a concealed firearm someday.
    What will these kids think of next?
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