Be careful who you pick on...

Be careful who you pick on...

This is a discussion on Be careful who you pick on... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A trucker pulls into a little truck stop on a single lane road, goes in and orders breakfast. Just as his food is arriving a ...

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Thread: Be careful who you pick on...

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    Be careful who you pick on...

    A trucker pulls into a little truck stop on a single lane road, goes in and orders breakfast.

    Just as his food is arriving a group of Hells Angels bikers come in and surround him, one grabs his orange juice and drinks it while another takes his coffee. When his plate of eggs, sausage and hash browns is delivered another biker takes it and an other takes his toast.

    The trucker doesn't say a word, pays his bill and leaves.

    One of the bikers says to the waitress "That guy wasn't much of a man letting us take his breakfast like that."

    The waitress says "I know what you mean, he wasn't much of a truck driver either. He ran over every motorcycle in the parking lot getting back on the road."
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    Love it ! Don't get mad, get even.
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    And if that situation were to actually occur, it would be the driver that would be in jail and fined, the criminal in the situation.

    Funny, none the less.
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    Lol, I love that one but I heard it with a cowboy at a bar. Still funny though.

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    This sort of thing actually happened several years ago at a little "Y" in the road called Rockport east of where I live. The big bad *** motorcycle gang blew into town, roughed up and chased a young man out of the towns only tavern. He went home and told his big brother who happened to drive a county dump truck. Got in and flattened twenty eight of the thirty four motorcycles parked out front. He made several passes, totally turned those bikes into trash. The police were called not to arrest the driver but to protect him. A lot of tough guys had to find other ways back to California that day.
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