American Snipers

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“Please help us help working snipers in combat zones around the world.

Snipersonline UA has several members and Sniper friends actively engaged in the battle against terrorism. Our friends are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of snipers deployed around the world right now. These snipers are deployed in the theaters of combat, both in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other locations overseas. Many of these are full time law enforcement officers that have been activated for regular duty action.

Our memberships have chosen to help support our fellow snipers, and brothers in arms, by helping supply them with items that they need to get the job done better as well as things to make their lives easier while on deployment. This has been everything from the basic hygiene type items such as handy wipes to tactical products such as holsters, high speed rucksacks, new optics, rifle accessories, to mini binoculars and batteries.”
For a $20 donation, you can get one of these bracelets (reminiscent of the POW bracelets from the Vietnam era) with the name of the unit you are supporting on it. I ordered three so each member of my family could wear one.