My trip to Walmart

My trip to Walmart

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Thread: My trip to Walmart

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    My trip to Walmart

    So last week my girlfriend and I go into the back of the store where the "Site to Store" service is located to pick something up I ordered. While we're waiting for an employee who works in that kind of thing to help us, we notice a lot of employees and managers arriving for a meeting. Apparently all associates were to be there for the meeting. (Ever wonder why such few lanes are open and no one is ever around to help?)

    Well they began the meeting by reciting the 4 "golden rules" or whatever they called them.

    The employees start mumbling things, and the only thing we can understand is:

    "No overtime"
    "Be on time"

    At this point, the manager mentions no one said the Number 1 rule...

    "No accidents."

    Throughout the entire "rule reciting" did they mention anything about good customer service, helping the customers, etc etc.

    It just reaffirms what everyone here already knows: Walmart doesn't give a s*** about customer service and the employees aren't expected to provide any.

    Anyways, I found it mildly amusing (and slightly disturbing) and thought I'd share the story.

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    Walmart still has employees? In the stores?
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    I'd say this is common with mega stores like Wally World, customer service is about on the bottom of the list it seems.

    This isn't the employee fault, it's corporate. Sam Walton would probably be hacked off if he knew about the lack of service to customers. He'd clean house really quick.
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    Nowadays they call their employees "associates." Maybe it's to make them feel more important. Nah!!!
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    I know I hated working at walmart (not to hi-jack) I was in line with a customer for about an hour in a half with 2 other people behind him, to cut the tension and get them from wanting to kick my arse, I started making them laugh and we talked cars, weapons, schools, buisness, anything to get them comfortable with the wait. When the CSM, finally showed up I kinda yelled at them, (because I could see the guy ****ing around not wanting to help people. I got a few buisness cards and job offers that day. They really dont prepair you for working with people there.
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    Some of the local Wal-Mart employees are as dismal as the DMV employees...
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    I've actually trained my local walmart employees to follow me to the ammo cabinet when they see me walk in .
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