About 50-60 gallons an hour....

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Thread: About 50-60 gallons an hour....

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    About 50-60 gallons an hour....

    That's what I am currently emptying from my basement. I'm sure the guys and gals up here in the NE can feel my pain right now! It's been raining steadily since Friday night and it is not expected to stop until tomorrow afternoon or early Tuesday. We're forecasted to see about 7 inches before tomorrow and then revised estimates after that. That's a LOT of rain up here especially where we rarely get these huge rainfall amounts. I feel bad for the guys on shift today because I'm listening to the scanner and they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    Putting my 8 gallon super-sucker wet vac up against all the water I am getting is like shooting a .22lr at an oncoming rhino! Woefully inadaquete!
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    Sympathies!!! We live on a small flood plain and when we get major amounts of rain my sump pump works overtime - trouble is, nowhere really to shunt the water so I am sure much just filters straight back down

    I had seen on forecast how bad it was - hope soon it will quit for you.
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    Wish there was something I could do to help you out. Hope things get better.

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    I feel your pain. A couple years ago I had to seal a basement window to stop flooding in my basement, never have figured out what caused a change in the local water table.

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    That sucks wish ya some luck on getting it pumped out

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    living out in the country part of my backup equipment is a gas powered water pump, a inexpensive one can be had for less than $300. that includes the pick up and discharge hoses.
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    May your Wet Vac keep on a'-running.

    Best get a pump motor and a long hose for next time.

    It sure is raining to beat all heck here too but, luckily we are situated up on a hill.

    Hope everything works out OK for you.

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    Gee, it's odd thet we who live in North Florida, an area notorious for excessive water, have been suffering with drought for the last few years. The fire situation here is terrible. We are also having problems with salt water intrusion into our aquifer. The best of luck with your problem.
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    Basement? What is this word you speak?

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    "Basement? What is this word you speak? "
    it's were dem yankees keeps thar flood waters,
    sorta like you'ins did in da pawlor.
    sorry bout yalls trubs really though.
    hope ya get dried out quick



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