Interesting ammo/target results

Interesting ammo/target results

This is a discussion on Interesting ammo/target results within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So I have a tendency to shoot my .22's for fun/practice in my back yard. I back up to a heavily wooded area with a ...

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Thread: Interesting ammo/target results

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    Interesting ammo/target results

    So I have a tendency to shoot my .22's for fun/practice in my back yard. I back up to a heavily wooded area with a ravine and have a makeshift backstop that is approx 5' high by 3-4' deep of timber and packed mud.

    I tried something recently the last few months and noticed something. I've been using my old crossbow target block(The square foam packed ORANGE kind - The orange ones are stronger it seems) as a target stand and apparently it's turned into a bullet trap as well.

    I'm using CCI CB Longs out of a Walther P22 with a Gemtech on it. I have the target block set up in front of the timber/mud backstop and then one of those heavy duty rubber bar mats draped diagonally from the top to the ground off the back of it.

    Apparently the CB's barely have enough oomph to make it through the block to begin with and by the time they do they just plink off the mat and fall harmlessly to the ground underneath. I've been collecting the bullets and only 2 out of the last 20 rounds even have any damage to the heads so I know they're coming out slow(usually barely even a scratch...rifling marks from the barrel at most).

    Basically what I'm getting at is that if any of you are popping off subsonic .22's in your own back yard and wondering if there's a cleaner alternative rather than filling your land with lead, it seems you can use an ORANGE Crossbow target block and a rubber bar mat as a nice makeshift bullet trap.

    And no I'm not normally even a greenie, but there's a stream at the bottom so I figure polluting the drinking water isn't helping me any.

    Just a reiteration this only works for the sub sonic .22's...

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    Great tip! Heck maybe they can be melted down and recycled. Nothing wrong with that!!!
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    if you shoot aguila super colibri out of a .22 rifle they will penetrate a basketball but not come out the other end. How I know this? I get board easily...

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