Proud of My Nephew

Proud of My Nephew

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Thread: Proud of My Nephew

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    Proud of My Nephew

    I just received an exciting telephone call from my sister in Connecticut. She told me some very exciting news! My nephew who was getting tired of working at less than fulfilling jobs as decided to enlist in the US Army!

    Ever since he graduated high school he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. He tried college but that didn't work out too well. He lasted less than a year. He then tried working at some jobs that didn't give him any fulfillment. That got old very fast.

    It turns out that he was always considering the US Army. He took the oath last Friday & he's enlisted for a 3-year hitch. He's actually excited about this new adventure in his future.

    My nephew's enlistment in the Army also makes him the 4th generation of my family to enlist in the military. My late grandfather was in the Army during WWII & was mustard gassed. My late Dad was in the Army/Air Force and served in Korea & stateside as a corpman. My younger brother & I both served in the USAF. Now my nephew Jason will be leaving for boot camp in 3 weeks. Of course my sister is worried for her little boy! lol

    Yup, you can say that I'm proud of my nephew Jason! He's carrying on our family tradition. This would have made my late Dad proud.
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    Good for Him and Thank you for your Patriotic familys' dedication to the USA

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    Serving ones country is a high honor, and has its own reward of mind and soul.

    The U S Army helped me grow up and find my way in life years ago.
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    Good move for your nephew. Over the years, I have encouraged youngsters that seemed to be drifting to join. Many have. No one has ever come to me and said it was a mistake. Some have said it wasn't for them, but they were glad to have had the experience.
    The sad thing for me are the cases where the kid comes back from the recruiter and says the police/court record is keeping them out. Most of the time they had a DWI or minor drug bust.
    Occasionally, I have misjudged people and the service kicks them out. That doesn't happen often, but you never can tell about people. Some bums turn out reliable and hard working and some 'good' guys turn out to be bums. Service in the military sorts them out quickly.

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    I'm sure my nephew will learn a lot about himself while he goes through boot camp. My sister asked me for some advice to pass onto my nephew prior going to boot camp. I gave her some advice that my late Dad passed onto me. Some of it surprised my sister. I also asked her to give Jason my address to drop me a letter or two to let me know how he's doing at basic training.

    She's not thrilled with his decision to enlist in the Army. But she is being very supportive of his choice. Like any Mom she's worried for her baby! lol She realizes that she has to let Jason live his life on his own terms. She's being a great Mom about her son going into the Army.

    The best part is that Jason made this decision to enlist in the Army on his own. I'm sure that he will learn a great deal about himself while he in basic training.
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    I'm proud for you, Pikachu. To this day, I still occasionally call on military discipline that was instilled decades ago.
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    That's awesome. My family doesn't have a tradition of military service, although my Dad was drafted for Korea. I was over the tonnage limit myself during my eligible years. Did you mix up one of your facts; about WWII and mustard gas? I know WWI had mustard gas, but I thought in WWII there was gas around, but it was never used. As a bit of a WWII buff, if there was mustard gas used in WWII, I'd like to know more about it.
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