Domestic Emergency Network

Domestic Emergency Network

This is a discussion on Domestic Emergency Network within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Have any of you heard of these guys? It says they are a free market response to FEMA. Basically it looks like a network of ...

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Thread: Domestic Emergency Network

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    Domestic Emergency Network

    Have any of you heard of these guys? It says they are a free market response to FEMA. Basically it looks like a network of people that will help each other out after the SHTF. Let me know if any of you know anything about it.

    Domestic Emergency Network

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    Not sure what to make of that.

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    IMO...everyone who is concerned about a SHTF scenario should have a network of people they can rely on...neighbors, friends, and family....
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    There's really not a lot information about them, who they are, what they will do for you when SHTF.

    Have a look at the application... $20 one time membership fee.

    A couple of the questions from the application:

    Please circle the choice that best describes you:
    A) Conservative B) Liberal C) Constitutionalist D) ____________
    Who is your favorite U.S. President?
    Do you have access to at least one rearm?
    I like the idea, but I am suspicious. I would need a heck of a lot more info.

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    Sounds a little hinky to me. Send $20, fill out a lame two-page application and viola!, your a member. They claim to have "heavily encrypted" membership security and to prove it you print and FAX your application.

    In other first!
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    Looks to me like a great way to get yourself an impressive looking laminated card for only $20!
    Seriously now. Looks to me like you are paying for tips similar to the ones you get for free from the red cross, and a list of other people who got those tips. They might also list who has various weapons etc, but I would not be too quick to provide folks I don't know with information about where I am and what I have.
    I think you would do better to contact your local emergency management office and start a C.E.R.T. for your area. There is also plenty of good info available at places like where you can share knowledge without necessarily telling what goodies you have and where you have them. Some folks might look at that those lists of who has what, where as a post disaster "shopping" list. As in, you are really just buying and stockpiling those things for when the keepers of the list decide to come and take what they want.
    As far as the "network" goes. If there is an eotwawki type disaster, how useful do you think that list is going to be? Are you sure enough to abandon your position and burn irreplaceable fossil fuels to journey to see some strangers who while sitting fat and happy and secure signed up for this? When bad things happen, attitudes change. And do you think with post disaster curfews etc. in place you would even be able to travel to meet these people? I wouldn't count on that pretty little card on getting you through any checkpoints.
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    Someone has developed a great marketing system...
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