VA Delegate says employers are implanting chips against will of employees

VA Delegate says employers are implanting chips against will of employees

This is a discussion on VA Delegate says employers are implanting chips against will of employees within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Sounds like a nut sandwich to me (although to his credit he carries his share of the water for pro-gun causes). Bill would ban unwanted ...

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Thread: VA Delegate says employers are implanting chips against will of employees

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    VA Delegate says employers are implanting chips against will of employees

    Sounds like a nut sandwich to me (although to his credit he carries his share of the water for pro-gun causes).

    Bill would ban unwanted tracking devices in bodies | |

    Bill would ban unwanted tracking devices in bodies

    By Bill Sizemore
    The Virginian-Pilot
    © February 9, 2010

    If the House of Delegates has its way, Virginians soon will be protected against the threat of having human tracking devices implanted into their bodies.

    Del. Mark Cole’s bill, HB53, makes the implantation of such a device without a person’s informed written consent a misdemeanor. The measure won preliminary approval Tuesday.

    Cole, R-Fredericksburg, said the bill was requested by constituents who told him some employers have begun using such devices to keep track of employees.

    Arguing against the bill, Del. Robert Brink, D-Arlington, said that when he campaigned for office last fall, he never heard any constituents express concern about human tracking devices – or, for that matter, about “the danger of asteroids striking the earth or the threat posed by giant alligators in our city sewer systems.”

    “Let’s concentrate on real-world problems,” he pleaded.

    The bill was approved on a voice vote with no further debate.
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    They should buy part of an island instead. He seems a bit disconnected from reality.

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    Wierd....I will have to give him a call. Mark Cole is very pro-gun and an ally of VCDL. I will see if I can get some background on this....
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    I hate those pesky sewer gators.
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    Not as scary as you think...

    Google Verichip.

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    There is a movement to plant vchips in children, on the assumption if they are kidnapped, you can find them faster. We already plant chips in animals, and the human is just another animal.
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    It sounds crazy now, but then so did tricorders and communicators on Star Trek back in the day. Maybe a little ahead of his time, but not necessarily crazy.
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    I'm not positive but I think I got a Dorito implanted
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    The technology exists and it will only improve (smaller size, more data, stronger signal). While he might be WAY ahead of his time in suggesting this kind of legislation, he isn't exactly hovering in the Twilight Zone.
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    Aluminum foils hats and on your windows will bock the chip's signal.

    Got that info from the internet.

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    Problem is, the tecnology actually exists, and never say it won't happen.

    Did we ever believe that cell phones would be invented?
    What about PC's, Internet, IPods, Compact Disc, minature surveillence cameras, Global Positioning System Trackers and all manner of electronic devices that just 40 years ago seemed impossible to believe would ever come forth?

    While I don't buy into the paranoia, at least we know that the technology does exist, and hopefully it won't be used against us. For now.
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    didn't mythbusters bust this myth already?... wait that was about blood doners...

    We have people that are scared that their credit cards will pay for other people's things when going though a checkout because of the "tap and go" feature... Its another concern about tracking this and that but what do you think GPS enabled cell phone do? How about Lojack in cars or other such tracking device? *cough* On-Star *cough*

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    This was floated originally during the Clinton administration by several corporations, cannot remember their names at the moment. This is very much the same implantable biochip technology that is used by veterinarians to identify lost and stolen pets.

    Implantable Biochip Could Relay Vital Health Information If Soldier Is Wounded In Battle

    History of the Implantable Microchip

    VCU professors present implantable biochip research at military forum in Puerto Rico &ndash; VCU News Center

    This is not a new technology. As to whether it is nefarious or not, well, any technology (firearms, knives, books, television, etc.) can be used for both good and ill. It all depends upon the intentions of the wielder of the technology, and the approval or opprobrium of the society at large that sees and judges the result.

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