She was sooooo blonde.........

She was sooooo blonde.........

This is a discussion on She was sooooo blonde......... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; That she thought Taco Bell was the Mexican phone company....

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Thread: She was sooooo blonde.........

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    She was sooooo blonde.........

    That she thought Taco Bell was the Mexican phone company.

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    How'd I miss this one? That's great. It's a new one on me.
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    She was so blonde, when she saw a sign that said clean restrooms ahead, by the time she was in Kalifonia she had cleaned 75!!!!

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    HA HA HA LOL I loved that one

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    2 blondes walking down the street , one sees a mirror picks it up and says in a very puzzled voice , you look familar to me -I just cant place your face with a name, now the other blonde says let me have that , she looks into the mirror and says cheerfully to the first blonde, you silly girl its ME.

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    A blonde cop pulls over another blonde. The cop walks up to the car and asks the blonde for her drivers license. The blonde asks, whats that? The blonde cop says its about this big, and it has your picture on it. The blonde say o, ok, and looks in her purse. She pulls out her compact mirror looks at it, and says here you go officer. The blonde cop looks at it and says O, Im sorry, you can go ma'am, I didn't realize your were a cop.

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