Ever heard of ACN?

Ever heard of ACN?

This is a discussion on Ever heard of ACN? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Please tell me about your experience! Last night a colleague dragged me along to one of his ACN meetings. My biggest question is, why choose ...

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Thread: Ever heard of ACN?

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    Ever heard of ACN?

    Please tell me about your experience!
    Last night a colleague dragged me along to one of his ACN meetings.

    My biggest question is, why choose ACN over Skype?
    I mean, I get the hole regular phone service, cheaper prices and so on.. But for those who like to travel, and make phone calls while working at the local coffee shop and can just plug in the USB Skype phone. Can someone please tell me why I should choose ANC over Skype, other then giving my money to my colleague every month.

    The world "Hallelujah" gets a new meaning, no offense to those who might sell this stuff. Sorry, "pass the opportunity to obtain unlimited passive income" in order to quote some fancy leader.. Personally I get rather annoyed when the tone is "act now before its too late" and "we have reinvented gun powder, the light bulb and the phone, all in one great invention..So sing up n o w!

    But hey, Mr. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki them self's is endorsing this stuff, so it must be pretty amazing and life changing then... No one would/ could tell me how much they demanded to sell...sorry, endorse this stuff..

    So! Why choose ACN over Skype? Would it not just be easier to use a USB Skype Phone?


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    The thing you need to know is that you have a VERY limited product line and it is in a cut throat industry that is rapidly losing ground to VOIP and cellular service. In addition to the fact that Google still has plans to provide free wireless internet citywide and the increasing abundance of free wireless hotspots. If the person you are presenting this to, (for your own business, if you chose to do it), you are out of luck, because you have only a few services to offer.
    Additionally, almost everyone has free long distance on their phone and you now have Google voice services in which you can call overseas for a few pennies a minute.

    I looked at it a few years ago and frankly I am very surprised that it is still around!
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