Ok what's your favorite sound effect

Ok what's your favorite sound effect

This is a discussion on Ok what's your favorite sound effect within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'll admit it, the little kid in me still reads comics online. There are actually some really good writers and artists out there (few and ...

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Thread: Ok what's your favorite sound effect

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    Talking Ok what's your favorite sound effect

    I'll admit it, the little kid in me still reads comics online. There are actually some really good writers and artists out there (few and far between but oh well)

    My favorite sound effect is "SPLORCH" Think of it as a cross between smacking a side of beef with an ax and bursting a tomato. Its the sound effect I think of whenever I see an image of a shotgun round hitting a flesh target.

    Whats yours?
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    I see your avatar is the USMC. And you read comic books? I think DoH would be a good sound effect.
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    I can't find the link to the one I downloaded a few years ago, it was a Fox body Mustang GT with Flowmaster 40 series exhaust, going through the gears and sounding oh-so-good.
    I can't wait for the snow and ice to melt, the pony wants to play
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    I have three, The sound of a motorcycle (Vtwin) with drag pipes revving and squeeling the tires.

    and the sound of a gun being loaded (Click)

    also the sound of a knife comeing out of a sheath or opened fast. SHH...Click
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    Not sure what my favorite is... But I can tell you I hate that they add a "jet engine" sound effect to the skier cross races that get televised on ESPN. I've never heard a jet engine while I've been skiing.

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    I have a Harley Davidson clock, every hour it has the sound of a different bike taking off. Nothing in the world sounds as good as one of their big v-twins weather taking off or just idling.

    Rugergirl, I can here that stang taking off too, sweeeeet. When I was young, anything with a set of headers and glasspacks was music to my ears.
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    Gets me every time, WOOPIE CUSHION
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    KaPow!! Jus' sayin'.
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    That'd be the "Boom" made by my G36.
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    Electronic Fart Machine
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    #1 is the GAU-8 firing
    #2 is a turbofan starting
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    The bionic sound from the Six Million Dollar Man.

    I like the Friday the 13th sound and the terminator sound also.

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    Lets see...

    Ch ch ch ha ha ha from Halloweeen

    "Hmnorky" from Tim Conway describing what it sounds like when siamese elephants joined at the tusk trumpet.

    Go to the 2:00 mark (or just watch the whole thing)
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    Ahhhh..When the words "Driverrrrrrrs...Start your engineSSSSs" are said and the sound immediately following!!!! Second most would be the rumble when the cars pass the grandstands on the first pace lap...Third..mmm hmmmmm...WHEN THE GREEN FLAG FALLS AND THE ENGINES ROAR....

    Of course Kenny G on the system and a nice glass of wine is nice as well...

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    Due to the economics of present times......

    My favorite sound has been CHA-CHING...but haven't heard it enough lately.......(it's a joke....)
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