lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics

lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics

This is a discussion on lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; These are photos from the Civil War. Truly fortunate that so many of these have survived. Probably a million wet plate photos were made during ...

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Thread: lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics

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    lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics

    These are photos from the Civil War.

    Truly fortunate that so many of these have survived. Probably a million wet plate photos were made during the civil war on glass plate. Popular during the war, they lost their appeal afterwards and so many were sold for the glass. Many used in green houses. Over the years the sun caused the images to disappear.

    These are pretty amazing considering they were taken up to 150 years ago: A compendium of photos from the Civil War era. Run the cursor over the photograph and the picture caption will pop up.

    Click photo to enlarge.

    "Original Civil War Pictures" click here
    Original Civil War photographs
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    Thanks for sharing! Great pictures.

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    I could stay on this page for hours.
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    Lots to see...thanks for posting!
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    I a couple of months, I shall once again be reenacting the Civil War as a Union private and or sergeant of infantry, at the age of 59 or so, like ya know. I can do it for a couple of hours before I go to a home or motel and take a nice hot shower, and get plenty to drink and eat before I get a good night's sleep. That is if it's not too cold or hot or damp or wet.

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    Man those are great thx for the post!!!!

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    It's neat to see history, thank you for posting these.
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    I drove past Chancellorsville and the Wilderness Battlefields yesterday. I sometimes forget how much history is near me. It did make me think of all the lives that were lost in that area. I talked about that with my girlfriend today.

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    I see a couple of the pictures of the hanging of the Lincoln conspirators are there. When I was stationed with the 67th EOD at Ft. McNair where they were hung we were asked to go through some old boxes in case there were any hazardous materials. One of the boxes contained a complete set of glass negatives of the hanging. We turned them over to the Army history folks. Someplace in the house I have a set of prints from the negatives they gave us in thanks for the negatives.

    (The conspirators were tried and hung at Fort McNair. The site of the hangings is now a tennis court.)

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    I am in Springfield Mo, Just about every day,, Wilsons Creek was a really big battle in the Civil War,, Its always amazing where they marched and how hardships were met,, Now we just get in the truck and go,, Not march from place to place,

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    Some of the pictures remind us why some people said, they did not know what became of their relatives during the war.....

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    Thanks for the post. Having lived in Charleston SC and now living in Richmond VA it's interesting to see the old photo's. I've done renovation work in the VA State Capitol building. Other than upgrades it is pretty much as it was back then.
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    The War & central heating

    My father used to say that the downfall of civility was central heating. The options was to freeze your off or be civil around the fire. So he and his siblings leaned to accommodate and be civil.

    So, what does this have to do with this thread?

    In his youth, he had two uncles live with his family. Both Civil War/War Between the States veterans -- having fought opposite sides and each handicapped as the result. A house divided at the family level.

    Although the seldom spoke to each other and never discussed their differences, they were civil. The options were....
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