In-Door RC Flying--P95Carry Just for You

In-Door RC Flying--P95Carry Just for You

This is a discussion on In-Door RC Flying--P95Carry Just for You within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here's some awsome indoor RC flying:

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Thread: In-Door RC Flying--P95Carry Just for You

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    Here's some awsome indoor RC flying:
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    Awsome, but then he is using one of the light weight electric's they will fly off the prop thrust just fine.
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    Yep - sure is fun but true enough - these small planes - ''foamies'' usually have a superb power to weight ratio and so can do 3D manouvers easily - so, makes flying in small spaces a cinch.

    I have spent last two days flying several of my bigger planes - much more fun really in the big outdoors but - these things do have their place and are a lotta fun. Quite pricey tho!

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    That was amazing! I was surprised at the end, the plane wes much bigger than I thought is was.

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    yeah i have seen that before, pretty nice control there, only if real airplanes could work that great!

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    That was some beautiful work there. Wonderful flying. I'm with rstickle on this one, it was a lot bigger than I thought it was.
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    hmmm should i resist the urge to spend $ on rc planes and buy another gun? After that video i have to think on it.
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    Thumbs up

    That was impressive
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    Very cool. I use to watch one of the clubs fly their big RCs from the Sylvania parking lot in Danvers MA on Sundays. They had some impressive equipment out there every week. Makes we want to go out and buy a plane.. alas, I am to poor. Maybe some day!
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