The much-requested multi-quote feature allows users to tag multiple posts that they wish to respond to by clicking a small button on each post. Once the user clicks the reply button, each tagged post is quoted.

To increase usability, by default, only posts within the current thread are automatically quoted. If you wish to quote posts in other threads with multi-quote, you simply need to click a link on the reply page, and the text of those posts will be added without a reload.

Mark Forums Read with AJAX
If you wish to mark a forum read, you can simply click its status icon on the index page and the change will be processed without a reload. You can even mark individual sub-forums as read in the same way.

Quote Tags Link to Quoted Post
When quoting a post, the ID of the post is automatically included with the [quote] tag. When the quoted text is viewed in a thread, a small icon links back to the quoted post.

Private Message Preview in Notification Emails
If you have elected to receive emails when receiving a new private message, the email will now contain more than just the name of the user who sent you the message. The title and body of the message will be included. Any BB codes in the message will automatically be converted to an equivalent plaintext version using the new plaintext bbcode parser.

Auto-Resize Oversized Image Attachments
If a user attaches an image that has dimensions larger than the administrator allows, the image will automatically resized to fit. This is similar to the auto-resizing of avatars that is currently performed.

Unique Unsubscribe Link in Emails
Thread and forum subscription emails now include a link for unsubscribing that is unique to each user. When using this link, unsubscribing from a thread or forum no longer requires logging in.

Save Search Preferences with AJAX
Changing your search preferences on the advanced search page no longer requires a page reload.

New Buddy/Ignore List Editor
The new buddy and ignore list editor allows users to be quickly added and removed from your lists, with AJAX-based assistance for name suggestion along the way. If an error occurs such as a user not being found, you can simply correct the error and continue without reloading the page.

Rate Threads with AJAX
Rating a thread can be done without a page reload now. Rate a thread like you normally would, but when you submit the rating, you’ll get a notification that your rating was accepted (or if it wasn’t) and the new thread rating will instantly appear.

More AJAX Username Auto-Completion
Username auto-completion via AJAX is now performed when editing the buddy/ignore lists, searching the member list, and entering a referrer during registration.

Show Threads or Posts from Quick Search Popup
You can now choose to show search results as threads or posts without having to click through to the advanced search page.

Improved Image Verification (Captcha)
The image verification system can now be customized extensively by the board administrator. Options allow you to control the difficulty of the image by allowing you to select whether each letter can have its own font, font size, slant, and color.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for people with eyesight problems to complete registrations. I have had a number of complaints about how hard it is sometimes to read the verification string. While current members will notice no change, the new guys certainly will....

Users Must Enter Required Profile Fields before Browsing
In previous versions of vBulletin, if you created a required custom profile field, existing users would not have to fill in a value for the field until they edited their profile. In vBulletin 3.6, they will be forced to enter a value for the field before they can browse the board.

Get ready, you are going to be required tell us location (city, state or at least geographical area) and what you carry as your primary weapon....

Receive Private Messages from Buddies Only
You may now select to receive private messages only from users on your buddy list. If a non-buddy tries to send you a message, they will receive an error saying that you do not accept private messages. Administrators and moderators are automatically able to bypass this restriction.

Private Messages: Quota Warning
Once you have reached 90% of your private message quota, you will receive a warning telling you that you have almost reached your quota.

Full BCC Support in Private Messages
A number of you have discovered this by now. Like in an email, BCC (blind carbon-copy) allows you to hide the full list of recipients from each recipient. In previous versions of vBulletin, the “to” field acted like a BCC field. Now, the “to” field acts like the field in an email; each recipient will see all the names in the “to” field.

Announcements Shown when Viewing New Posts
In previous versions of vBulletin, announcements were only shown when a user viewed a list of threads in a forum. As some users only viewed new posts by clicking the “New Posts” link (ie, getnew), they never saw the announcements. vBulletin 3.6 displays those announcements at the top of the results.