The old gallery we had, which was fully integrated into the vBulletin scripts, worked pretty well, when it was working. But every time we upgraded or applied a patch, it would break, often causing us to lose images. I would then have to start on a crusade over on the support forum to try and get someone to give me an answer as to exactly what the problem was. Usually, after a few days (or weeks) of complaining I would get one of them to come over and fix it. When I would ask what, specifically, the problem was (so I could fix it next time) I couldn't get a straight answer. I have also, over the past couple of years, bought three other products, but have not been satisfied with any of them due to bugs, support issues and problems when upgrading the forum.

I had just about given up on being able to do anything with regards to adding another gallery here until I decided to look more closely to one that can be fully integrated into the vBulletin scripts or be "bridged" to the forum, which allows it to take on the look and feel of the forum, use the forum member tables without actually being part of the forum. I bought it and installed it earlier this month, tried it for a few days and then let staff play with it for a while. None of us have been able to break it, although we did get some minor misconfigurations resolved before releasing it to everyone else.

Interesting enough, this new gallery product is made by the same people that made the original product that caused us so much trouble, but from what I have seen, it is quite a bit different. And, although the bridge could break between the new gallery and vBulletin and require some minor work, upgrades cannot trash the data. The new gallery is in a completely separate database which has been put on nightly system backups. It has many additional features and enjoys a better support system. It was also more expensive, which was why I had not considered it before. Forum sponsorships and donations have given us the opportunity to add this and some additional products to the forum that we would not have otherwise been able to afford.

If you have any problems or questions, please don;t hesitate to let us know here in the support forum. Here's a link to the user manual that's available for this product that should help with many of your questions. It's not the best manual I have ever seen, but at least it will get you started....

The link to the new gallery is here and will eventually be in the blue navigation bar at the top of each page. I hope you all find it useful.