Forum Donations: PayPal???

Forum Donations: PayPal???

This is a discussion on Forum Donations: PayPal??? within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; I just went to the donation link and was somewhat surprised to find that the supported payment method is PayPal, which, I figure, most of ...

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Thread: Forum Donations: PayPal???

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    Question Forum Donations: PayPal???

    I just went to the donation link and was somewhat surprised to find that the supported payment method is PayPal, which, I figure, most of us are aware has a fairly anti-gun policy.

    Can't we take our forum business elsewhere, like

    Just my $0.02 worth...

    Outside of this complaint, let me just add what a great job I think the admins and moderators do around here. Keep up the good work!

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    Yes, PayPal is these days all but Ebay - or other way round!

    Thing is, and Bumper might comment too - PayPal has become so universal that the convenience aspect is exceeding the dislike of their policies. I hate the policy aspect but confess for necessary convenience at times I have to use it.
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    How's about options for those that no longer use credit cards or link bank accounts online? Checks, M.O.s? Mailing address? Get listed as a NPO so I can deduct it on my taxes as a charitable contribution. I'm already supporting some of my habits of online simulations this way. I've been using up my excess Christmas cards too! You can e-mail me an address for donations if you don't want to post it, but I think it would be a good idea to incorporate an alternative to paying with technology in your link. Thanks

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    The link in this post is an old one when we were taking some flak, initially, about PayPal. But there's several reasons we use them and tend to disregard all of the rumors. First, obviously, I have never, personally, had a problem with them and have used them for quite a long time. They also take the smallest transaction charge of anyone I have found. Using one that takes more sort of defeats the purpose. Virtually all of the purchases I make of software and scripts, hosting, support, annual maintenance, domain name registrations, etc all use PayPal.

    Honestly, though, how many of you have ever investigated the gun policies of other services or products that you use every day? I bank through Chase and have no idea what their policy is towards guns and would probably have a difficult time finding any references. What about other products? PayPal got the attention because they were slammed by the state for allowing someone to buy guns in an illegal transaction and they overreacted.

    You are not required to have a PayPal account to use PayPal to process a transaction, nor do you have to have a credit card. They take check transactions; people do them all of the time here. For those that still don't want to use PayPal, all it takes is to PM me and I can send you my address. Be aware, though, that the USPS has some anti-gun policies, as well.....
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    Well, Bumper, the fact that I have a little banner under my name now speaks to the fact that I didn't object strenuously enough not to donate. Anyway, as the payor, it's not me supporting PayPal...

    The thread you linked to shows a copy of the PayPal policies, and that's basically wherein my objections lie. They claim that their service may not be used to pay for, not just guns, but a whole variety of gun related merchandise. My problem is that they have a weapons policy in the first place.

    PayPal is not a merchandising service. It is a payment service. They provide an electronic means for settling IOUs and, as near as I can tell, the underlying cause for the IOU is utterly irrelevant to their business model. PayPal having liability for the transferred merchandise makes about as much sense as the Treasury Department having liability for any product for which I paid cash.

    Yeah, they are a company, and they are allowed to set their own policies. But one of the constant themes on this site is dissatisfaction with the basic CYA approach toward guns prevalent throughout the country. PayPal not wanting to be associated with eeeevil gun-related merchandise is the same as the employer not wanting to be associated with an eeeevil gun left legally in an employee's car out in the parking lot. I think most people on this site agree that the latter should, by any reasonable standard, be beyond the scope of the employer's policies.

    Anyway, I am not going to make any more of a big deal about this. I believe that the good done by this site far outweighs the bad of putting a few more sheckles into the pockets of a company with policies I dislike. I will simply continue to choose the non-PayPal payment option online whenever it is offered. (And, boy, I sure hope First Data Services isn't underwriting the alternate! )

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