Chat function?!

Chat function?!

This is a discussion on Chat function?! within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Ok..its 4am and am wide awake; thank you so much Starbucks.. Being all hyped up I would like to suggest a chat function in here, ...

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Thread: Chat function?!

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    Chat function?!

    Ok..its 4am and am wide awake; thank you so much Starbucks..
    Being all hyped up I would like to suggest a chat function in here, one of those fancy thing..I search but could not find anything..


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    I doubt you'll see a chat here anytime soon. I'm not a moderator, but I know they stay busy with just the forums. Add a live chat with the number of members we have here and it would be almost impossible to maintain at the level of Defensive Carry.

    Good idea, but not workable with a forum this size.

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    Moved this thread to Forum feedback. I believe Bumper has already decided we are too big / our purpose is more informational . moderating such a feature would be a nightmare.
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    Someone made the suggestion a year or so ago, but I'm afraid that it would be impossible to manage. The few I have seen seem to have been pretty unruly and an opportunity for the spammers to push their wares, not to mention being a drain on forum bandwidth.
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    Although I would enjoy a live chat forum, I have to agree with Bumper. In no time at all there would problems with spammers as well as "bots" invading the chatroom. I used to go to the "Gun Cabinet" in yahoo, gave it up because of all the bots and spam. At the very least it would require a moderator in the room 24/7. Just the idea of scheduling moderators to cover is mind boggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper View Post
    not to mention being a drain on forum bandwidth.
    That was my first thought. Your cost would what quadruple over night. No wonder you're red faced just thinking about it.
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    I agree on the yahoo front, as far as the rooms go. I chat with a few friends sometimes, a conference at most.
    A friend started a room on pal talk, not weapon related, that's a pay site, was fine for a few months, but he tells me it had gotten out of hand, and has given that up. He is on a different server now, he likes it and I think it's free.

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    I was an admin on a vbulletin-based forum a few years ago. We tried chat a couple of times, but at that time, there were few options, and though I can't recall what we tried, I do recall that:

    1) it didn't work very well (as compared to a 'real' chat client)
    2) the novelty wore off quickly, and ultimately, nobody used the dang thing.


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