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A Mean Spirited Comment Goes a Long Way

This is a discussion on A Mean Spirited Comment Goes a Long Way within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; To sort of wrap this up, I want to throw out something for everyone's consideration. This is a defensive carry forum. It is about crimes, ...

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Thread: A Mean Spirited Comment Goes a Long Way

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    To sort of wrap this up, I want to throw out something for everyone's consideration.
    This is a defensive carry forum. It is about crimes, essentially, and the people who perpetrate them against innocent people.
    Ironically, it seems off the mark to talk about rudeness and inconsideration but these types of seemingly "small stuff" things have directly LED to the numbers of criminal types around today, because of a refusal of parents and society to teach and transmit societal values, values that were taken for granted fifty years ago.
    I am convinced that the lack of respect we see today, the lack of caring, the rudeness, all of it, is due to a steady erosion of morality that began years and years ago, decades ago.
    And it all began with the lack of caring about small things such as rudeness and inconsiderateness. But these small things are the very backbone of a civilized society.
    We feel uncomfortable talking about rudeness, and yet the reason it is so prevalent is precisely because we do not talk about it. We allow all these deviations from good manners and we end up like we are today, with crime and violent assaults out of control.
    All this begins in the home, with simple simple things being taught, that the parents are not teaching anymore and have not taught for quite some time.
    So ironically, the number of gimme gimme people out on the streets is directly related to a failure of our society to pass on its most important moral values, simple things such as consideration and courtesy.
    So to speak about rudeness is not to make small talk, it is a very serious thing.
    Big problems always begin with little problems that are ignored and not talked about. This is what happened to us as a people.
    We let it go, let it go until it is out of control as we speak.
    As long as we think serious things are small things that we should not worry about, we are in trouble. That is exactly how we got where we are today, ignoring all the small things until now, respect and caring and consideration seem to be the exception, when they used to be the rule.
    The thick-skin argument has been brought up a couple of times. That shifts the focus from the inconsiderate person onto us, as if it is our fault that the person was rude because we are too sensitive to it. But this ignores the fact that as long as we say nothing to these people, we in fact encourage their behavior. Like a child. Ignoring a child's bad behavior just sends the message they want to hear, that they can get away with it.
    We talk about the Second Amendment, the right not to show ID to LEOs, the right of self defense, but we never talk about basic civilized behavior because we see that as something relatively minor. It is actually quite a major thing. We can trace nine tenths of our problems back to it.
    And I guess the other argument, that this forum is much better than other forums in that regard, also ignores the few people who are in fact inconsiderate. This says essentially that, well, it is much worse elsewhere. That is like saying that the crime in Florida is not as bad as in the South Bronx. But how does that argument address the FLORIDA crime issue. We say, and it is very true, that this forum is the best of its kind. But no one denies that. That is not in dispute. What is being talked about is inconsiderate behavior by a very few. That is the only focus. And to talk about that makes others uncomfortable. But as a society we are all now uncomfortable because of not talking about this for fifty years or so.
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    The only way evil can triumph is for good people to do nothing.
    If we remain silent we all lose. Thanks for the thread, others may make light of it, be we all get a chance to examine ourselves and think about what we say.

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