redneck questions for mods , kill to your forum as you choose

redneck questions for mods , kill to your forum as you choose

This is a discussion on redneck questions for mods , kill to your forum as you choose within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Now the other day i posted to the " off topic " forum , i posted a link to google earth , with an attrib ...

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Thread: redneck questions for mods , kill to your forum as you choose

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    redneck questions for mods , kill to your forum as you choose

    Now the other day i posted to the " off topic " forum , i posted a link to google earth , with an attrib to where i found it ( a pro gun blog ) Within a short time my post was killed , while i dont understand why i wont fight the mod who did this . they are the mod not i ) Since said mod quarantined my post , and i assume the mod team voted it was unsuitable , i would just respectfully request a pm as to why and how it exceded the forum rules . As a note to any who may read this this is not a ***** post .. the mod team here has worked with me far beyond what they should have . This is not a complaint post , it is a public post ( as it stands now ) to request the mod who killed my post to pm me and explain to me why . I set here ready to accept any thing , however i think the work of a pm saying we kill it because ... is not out of line , if for no other reason i would like to apologise to the mod , and if indeed the member .

    I honestly could have taken this to the mods , however without details of what i posted i think we as members need to understand the rules . apparently either by commission or omission i dont folloow them well . Anyway I will not pm anyone on by behalf, and you may do with this post as you will . When someone explains that my theread violates the policy of the board i will support the call . I would however request that the mod who killed the post pm me .
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    Well my mind kept telling me to butt out of this thread but my mouth has done it anyway.

    I understand your desire to know, I have been there.

    I understand your desire to ensure everyone knows the rules because it obviously wasn't clear to you that the topic was inappropriate or you wouldn't have done it, I have been there.

    My only input is that I have had a tremendous amount of success in dealing with issues like you describe by using PM's. I don't intend to criticize but to only suggest that you might find it more beneficial to drop a PM to a member of the staff that you know or respect, or value the opinion of and simply ask. I have never, not even once, not gotten a response to a PM to a member of the staff and I am trying really hard to think of one time that I didn't walk away feeling better about the situation. THe truth is, best I can recall, it has always turned out well when I went about it that way.

    Good Luck to ya.
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    Same here, good luck. Send a PM to one of the senior staff, they will help you out. They are on the ball and very good about getting back to you.
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    FWIW---I founded and moderate a bulletin board on an entirely different subject matter. I've been doing it for fifteen years now, since the dawn of public access to the web.

    I long ago learned that it is best to NOT provide explanations for why a post was edited, modified, deleted. No matter what you say, no matter how reasonable the decision, the result will always be that you get an argument in return.

    The moderators have to use their best judgment. We participants have to accept what they have done. Otherwise, believe me, it won't work. There will be constant bickering with people choosing sides and lots of hurt feelings.

    I know it doesn't always seem right, mistakes get made, but there is no other way.

    So to RedneckR.--It is possible your post was removed for a not so good reason. So what? It doesn't matter really. What counts is that this place is civil and orderly, and most of the time most of us get to say what is on our minds.

    My personal thank you to the moderators and owners of this site.

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    The thread was pulled for review and the moderator that did the pull has not been back on since that time. Obviously, he forgot to PM you (at 3am) that it had been pulled for review. The thread has now been cleaned up and reinstated. Next time I would suggest that you contact myself or other member of staff, by PM, for resolution of these kinds of "problems".
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