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Mouse roll over

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Thread: Mouse roll over

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    Mouse roll over

    Please tell me/us again why you do not have the mouse roll option that gives a 'preview' of the content of a thread...I spend a lot of time opening and closing threads that are of no use to me......I just opened one titled 'new gun shop' I had to open it to find out it was in TX and I'm in IN.....could have saved the bandwidth. OF course the other option is for the subjects lines to give pertinent info regarding the the post.
    Thanks for listening......
    Jim - Danville, IN

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    Heh, sorry. I sort of thought about putting in the area but hadn't had enough caffeine to make fully rational thoughts yet.
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    All these bells and whistles take time and usually money of which I am sure they are short of both. I agree it would be nice but it would also be nice to be able to go buy that new DW CBOB I want. I have th time but no the money.

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    People have asked about this before. I believe Bumper said that the option was available, but he thought it was annoying and had no plans of enabling it.

    I think it was during one of my rants about horrible subject lines. I'll see if I can find the link.

    ETA: here it is, but it wasn't one of mine.

    This kind of had the same subject but was quite a bit funnier, so I will include it, also.
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    Bumper does not like the mouse "roll~over" feature so he is not about to roll over and add it.

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    I read the past post that Bumper said he wouldn't do it even if the vote were in favor.....sooooo the Dictator wins.....LOL
    Jim - Danville, IN

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    Guys like me who "multi-task" while screwing around run into issues with mouseover. If I've got eight or nine windows open (which is normal) the little mouseover dealies show up in multiple windows, especially switching between programs. It's especially bad with outlook. Grrr....
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    Yeah, sorry guys, this is one feature that you will probably never see on this forum. While I can see some value to it, the negatives far outweigh the positives in having this feature turned on....
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    Yeah, +1 on that Bumper. I think it could get to be very annoying quickly.

    Mouse roll-over has it's place in some applications, but if used in a venue like this, it could create headaches for more than just the few people who are happy with it.
    Semper Fi

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    I'm Happy With Things As They Are...

    I'm happy with things as they are...a more informative title could/would help.

    If anyone should stumble onto that 'perfect' forum...let us all know!


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