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This is a discussion on Biased deletions within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Originally Posted by Bumper There is no "double secret probation" and if there was, you wouldn't be on it for so minor a thing as ...

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Thread: Biased deletions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper View Post
    There is no "double secret probation" and if there was, you wouldn't be on it for so minor a thing as getting a post edited or deleted. Most people that get infractions simply take it like an adult and move on, but since you didn't get an infraction (nor even a warning) I guess that's what's different here....
    That is the way it should be.

    I have had some posts deleted and even a thread deleted for breaking the rules. One was by JD for using the WF*, to somones post that I though was way out there. I understood why it was deleted, JD PMed me and told me why. I have not used that again. Others have, I have seen it and kept on reading. No biggie, just because they didn't catch it on someone else, doesnt' mean that I was right to use it. One thread was deleted because I admitted to breaking the law by carrying when I didn't have my CHL license with me. If I had choosen to word the thread differently QK probably wouldn't have deleted the thread. But again, he PMed me and told me why, I broke the rules. Do I fault them for it, NO. Have I made sure I kept within the rules, YES.

    I have even gone so far as to point out a post or two that I thought was within the rules that I posted but might have been offensive to one of the other members after I posted it to a moderator that was on at the time so they could read it and remove it if they felt like it was warranted. They did remove it, no biggie.

    If you really thin skinned, don't participate in internet forums. This is one of the best ones out there, probably the best one as far as the 2A goes if you want my opinion. Do we all agree, nope, do we have fairly honest discussions, yep. Do we all learn something, hopefully.

    Thanks Bumper, and the other mods, keep up the good work.
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    Members should understand that these actions are not personal and are not normally done by a solitary staff member. We usually discuss the more questionable problems we are presented with and do our best to enforce the rules fairly. If we do something a member doesn't believe is fair, the best thing to do is contact us and state your case. I would encourage you not to have an attitude when you do or it is not very likely anyone will bother even hearing your side. We have had people tell us, in a respectful way, why they believe we should reconsider or ask us how they can re-post the item within the rules. Being an adult about it will often get you a compromise that works for everyone. But those that defiantly re-post after a deletion, trying to make a point that they feel they deserve or come out swinging and calling us names will usually be banned immediately.

    We try to be fair to everyone, but that doesn't include taking any guff off of anyone. We very much appreciate those members that conduct themselves as responsible adults. The others? Well, they might want to find another home....
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