Selling question

Selling question

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Thread: Selling question

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    Selling question

    I spend most of my time on this forum lurking and soaking up information already out there and I am not a huge poster, however I would like to sell a pistol on the forum. Considering my posting habits it would take a year in a half to post 25 legit and meaningful threads. I was wondering if I could get access to the market place with out making posts with little significance jsut to gain access? I have traded and sold items on the AK files(have a sale pending as we speak, and post as bigmike if you would like to look into it further.

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    The rule is so people get to know you. If your only reason to be here is to sell some people will be leary of buying. Just stick around and join in. The more you participate, the better we know you. Besides just reading and posting helps all of us, It is from different viewpoints that helps us all grow.

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    I very much understand your point, Mike, but unfortunately, if we allowed it, we would have to pretty much return to the problems we had before we implemented this restriction. And, the restriction was put in place in lieu of completely removing that particular forum.

    As raevan said, above, new members don't get much attention in sales threads because people don't "know you". Ramp up the participation and you will be there in no time....
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    Hang around, prepare some pic's...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Thanks for the input. I will try to cook up some good stuff

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    So.....what would you like to talk about? Go to the new members introductions forum and start welcoming some newbies. Since you haven't posted much, there are probably 100 of them since you've joined in the past couple of weeks. Try some other options this The easiest site for buying and selling guns!
    Maybe you're not a big poster, but you've still been here less than a month by the looks of things. Most traders here have a good reputation...they've earned it. Surely you can understand that.

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    Welcome. Good advice from all above.

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    wait......... our posts are supposed to be meaningful ??? uh-oh

    but i have to agree, just go to the new members area, and if you see something you know about (or would like to) jump in, thats what ive been doing. i dont think posts have to be around the plato and socrates level, but i could be wrong
    have fun, everyone ive met on here is very nice.

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    Well, we want to discourage members from jumping on and posting "WELCOME!" 25 times just so they can start listing items for sale in Members Buy Sell Trade.

    So we would like the posts to be somewhat more of a contribution to the forum than that.

    BUT, some of those are fine.

    So while we would like posts to have some meaningful substance, every post does not need to be worthy of being chiseled permanently into Granite.

    If a member posts a PIC of their new holster and you really like it then post that you like it.
    That will be an appreciated comment.

    And...if you enjoyed reading a particularly interesting informational thread then post a
    "Thanks! I enjoyed reading this thread." - That counts!

    And...(of course) anytime you post:

    "I agree 100% with what QKShooter just said in his post."..that always counts as a valuable post.

    In short...Relax...Join'll get to 25 in a couple of days.

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