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Blackberry Bold

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    Blackberry Bold

    I was at an AT&T dealership checking out the Blackberry Bold. I started the browser, typed in and waited to see what the screen looked like. On my curve, it is impossible to surf this site. But on the Bold, it was very nice. I knew if I got it, I would never overcome my addiction, so I made my decision to get one right there. Now I just need for the price to drop a bit...and to get another job...and to pay for all the other gifts...and to......
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    Glad to hear it comes out well on that model. The problem with trying to make the forum come out correctly is that they are all different. I've been looking for a stripped down template for mobile people to use, but haven't found an acceptable one yet. Also, I have no way of testing it once I finally find one and get it installed.
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    I surf and at times like now post with my blackberry pearl daily. You just need to go into your browser settings and find out what works for the site, some settings makes the page look bad.

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    I think you guys need to try the free browser OperaMini. I'll sometimes get an error, but I can clear it and continue to navigate the site. Either way, it would be a lot easier than the default browser to navigate sites such as this one. The Bold is an amazing phone, but I don't have ATT, so I find out ways to make my Curve even better.


    P.S. - I am posting this from my Curve for you.

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    I love my bold.. Had one 2 days before they released it :). I was a bit disappointed as some places offer it for FREE or offer a much bigger rebate than ATT does on it.

    I think wirefly? Or check with walmart.. Its an awesome phone though :)

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    I'm with AT&T also and have the HTC 8925 also know as "tilt",now this is a great phone to surf the web and this forum on. It comes out exactly as it does on my PC at home. I use either opera mini or the skyfire beta browser both work very well infact the skyfire browser has flash player embeded,what this means is it can play videos on sites like youtube or my space.

    I took a strong look at the blackberry bold it is a nice phone,great screen to. I'm eligible for an upgrade only 8 months into my contract due to AT&T's dividends program. But yeah DC was the first site I went to also when I was gonna get this phone as well it does render it well.

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