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This is a discussion on What I like about combatcarry.com within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; Originally Posted by dr_cmg Most of the things I like best about CombatCarry have already been mentioned, but I would like to expand on one. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_cmg
    Most of the things I like best about CombatCarry have already been mentioned, but I would like to expand on one. Maturity! Man is this important. I love it that people here are mature enough to express an opinion and accept the fact that not everyone is going to agree. In fact most may not agree, but most everyone else will respect their opinion. There are still a few who can seem to understand that there are good guns in a caliber other than .45 and that not everyone has to have one with a "prancing pony." And they know who they are

    I believe that there are a couple of specific things that encourage us to be mature. 1) Most of the members here don't take themselves too seriously. We poke a little fun at others, accept the fun that is poked at us, and even occasionally poke a little fun at ourselves. 2) The maturity level of the members reflects the maturity level of the leadership. Our moderators use gentle and humorous ways (when possible) to inform us of errors - like highjacking a thread (Thanks again, Chris), to remind us of the fact that we are expected to be polite, etc. They bend over backwards to help people who just don't seem to be able to discuss things without personal attacks. And if they cannot rescue a member they finally as a last resort utilize banning. Having been on other forums not just gun forums and seen many times how things should not be done it is a great joy to be on one that is doing it right.
    +1 on what he said! also I like the holster forum, where else can you actually talk to the guys making your holster for you! theres a few of them on here and they all do good work. also like the CCW scenarios and how everyone would handle a situation.


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    It's just like Thanksgiving; what am I thankful for. My reasons are a mix of what everyone has already posted. Freedom to go off topic to share something funny, lots of experience to learn from, a national base to draw from (even a few friends in Canada), great moderators/administrators, an atmosphere in which moderators are rarely called upon to act as such, an occasional pic of socks and sandals, and the maturity level.

    I am +1 on the maturity (thanks dr_cmg).

    I've seen other boards where people are free to commit arson anytime. What fun is that? How could you spend day after day going there just to see another member blasting away at what you said? I am not inclined to discuss anything firearm related with someone who can't act in a civil manner.

    My thanks to the group.

    Oh, and the dancing bananas... I love these things.
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    I for one enjoy the fact that a person can be honest and sincere on this board, normally W/O hurting anyone's feelings. There are "Armchair" warriors everywhere you go, but they tend to "Give themselves away; Then go away.." I personally like the Moderators here... They seem to have a clue, and don't mind calling "Time Out, or B.S." when necessary, & when not, we hear their lovely "Silence..." Just my .02 cents,

    Quite respectfully & sincerely - Thanks for having me; I'll likely be here a while...
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    Agree agree agree

    Sense of community; I find it refreshing to see personal posts (for 2 examples: Rocky's recently new job & Betty's wedding) - it injects a humanity to this 'cyber community'.

    After a very brief while of reading and making posts, you obviously get a feeling for the personalities of the members involved here.
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    Bumper has done an outstanding job putting together a site that combines every aspect of concealed carry....he's also got a posse of moderators that have the right temperment and downright desire to keep discussions rolling along smoothly. This has got to be one of the most "inviting" sites on the web for firearms enthusiasts. Lots of great info exchanged here and I've enjoyed it immensely.
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    I'm sure I said this already.....but this a great site, with a great membership and staff.
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    I love the give and take of topics discused in a civil matter and the
    wealth of knowledge here I go to a few outher Boards but this one
    is the best I have found.
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    Mutual, Reciprocal support for those who have chosen this same way of life - That never gets old.

    Keep up the good work!
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    +1 to the maturity level here. It was one of the first things I noticed when I joined just a few days ago. I really like it here and appreciate the warm reception I've received. Thanks for keeping such a clean house!

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    Downright homey atmosphere..:image067:

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    I can sum it up in one word: civility.

    There are a lot of boards where you can learn a lot of stuff about firearms. There are a lot of boards where you can sometimes help someone out by telling him the answer to a question he asks. There are lots of boards where you can contribute to a discussion.

    But there are no other boards where the people are uniformly as civil. No one gets ugly when he disagrees.

    It's refreshing.

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