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This is a discussion on Great On the Eyes! within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Yeah, I like the blue, but can't stand the wider format. That's got to go. I do most of my websurfing on my notebook, its ...

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Thread: Great On the Eyes!

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    Yeah, I like the blue, but can't stand the wider format. That's got to go. I do most of my websurfing on my notebook, its a PIA to navigate the main page now.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    Works for me! Thanks!

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    My SA is terrible, I didn't notice.
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    OK, I am sooooo unobservant. What color was it before ?
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    I like the changes, Bumper.
    Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. — Winston Churchill

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    Well carp.

    With the thread title, I was expecting some hot mama in a bikini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyeLCPL View Post
    So, is the background supposed to be blue? I thought my computer was just acting goofy.
    I thought the same thing. Much more mellow. Torrid approves!

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    Works for me!!
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    Agreed. The tan was getting old.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper View Post
    Thanks, I'm still playing around with the design, I just thought it was time for a little change. Sort of like getting new carpet.

    The colors will continue to change over the next few days until we settle on something that is attractive to a first time visitor and easy on the eyes when reading threads. I'm going to do a redesign of the forum header graphic, as well so if you see our graphic changing up there don't be surprised. You can let me know if there's something you really do or don't like.

    The new left column is something I needed to do to add the "pay per click" links on the side which will, hopefully, help our financial position. Every time you take one of those links it helps us out. I will also be adding an affiliate link for our members to renew, upgrade or join for the first time. While some people don't like every stand the NRA takes, they have done more for our cause than anyone else and deserve our support. Eventually, other things will pop up over there, but that's it for now.
    May I make a suggestion?

    Possible make a few skins with various themes and allow users to choose what suits them? Have a white one, tan, blue, red and black themed background and post blocks etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    Well carp.

    With the thread title, I was expecting some hot mama in a bikini.
    Me too.

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    Talking New look I like it...

    it's easer on an old mans eyes....
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    mine to.

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    Looks great. Keep it up!
    "In God we trust, as for the rest of you... keep your hands where I can see them" - Unknown

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    To change your resolution:

    Step 1

    Right click your mouse with the cursor in your desktop, but not on an icon.

    Step 2

    A pop-up menu will appear. Click "Properties", which is usually the at the bottom of the list on that pop-up menu.

    Step 3

    You will get a new menu with the title "Display Properties" in the blue bar at the top of the menu. Click on "Settings".

    Step 4

    Adjust the slider to the right for a finer resolution, adjust the slider to the left for a coarser screen resolution.

    Step 5

    Once you move the slider, the "Apply" command bar becomes activated. Click on that button.

    Step 6

    Your screen may black out for a few seconds while it adjusts. You will get a preview of the new resolution. Some resolutions aren't proportioned correctly for the monitor. You will get a new message that says: "Your desktop has been reconfigured. Do you want to keep these settings?" Click Yes if you like it, or No if you don't.

    Step 7

    The display will automatically change back to the original display within 10 seconds if you make no choice.

    Try 1280x1024 to start and see if that works. If changing the resolution makes your icons or text too small, you can enlarge those individually. There's not much reason, except for an extremely old computer (even in a laptop) to be running a 640x480 resolution, IMO.
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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