Thank you, and what I've learned...

Thank you, and what I've learned...

This is a discussion on Thank you, and what I've learned... within the Old Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Thanks to all who manage and contribute to this board. When I joined a couple weeks ago, I thought of myself as an experienced and ...

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Thread: Thank you, and what I've learned...

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    Thank you, and what I've learned...

    Thanks to all who manage and contribute to this board. When I joined a couple weeks ago, I thought of myself as an experienced and savvy person in regards to situational awareness and weapons. However, I've picked up more valuable insight, technique and thought-threads since joining this group, than I have in the last two decades.

    'Two things that I do different today, thanks to this board:

    * Carry all the time. I used to only use my CWP when I thought I 'needed it' for portions of my job that put me in harms way. Even a local senior LEO recently told me (when I happened to mention that I was not carrying at the time) that he thought I should be carrying at all times.

    * I now also have 'one in the pipe' at all times while carrying. The Coast Guard had drilled into my head that this was a poor safety practice and not allowed for that reason. The fact that the Coast Guard has to deal with 'general liability' probably has a lot to do with that policy. Even so, this has been a difficult habit for me to break, but I'm starting to get used to it.

    The courtesy and professionalism of contributors here is impressive. Bravo Zulu.
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    Yea, you can't find a better forum then this one.
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    DeeCee is stellar... I have learned more from the membership here than I ever learned in my CCW class...
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    I have to agree, I have and continue to learn alot from everyone on the forum.

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    I've learned a lot since I joined this forum. The one thing I have come to expect is that if you ask a question on any given subject you will get a great deal of comments. More than you really expect at times!

    Thanks to all of you for your honest thoughts & opinions!
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    I gain some knowledge every day I'm here. (that's most days), and why I like to be here every day. I generally like to give more than I receive.
    You joined a couple of weeks ago? So now you're a sight supporter? Good. Sounds like me and what I felt almost two years ago. We're family now...that's the way it should be. When we are amongst family we contribute and never seek nor ask thanks since that's part of the deal of being family.

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    I have gained with each visit...glad you like it here.
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    Thank you for the compliments. We try very hard to make this a friendly and focused community. We want everyone who comes here to feel welcome. Fortunately most do. Those who don't are the ones who agree to the rules and then for some reason assume that the rules don't apply to them.

    Some say we aren't adults because we have rules and enforce them. Personally, I believe the opposite is true. When I was a kid I threw tantrums and believed the world revolved around me. By growing up physically, mentally, and emotionally I left those things behind. As an adult I respect the rules that I have agreed to follow and I understand that I am not the center of the universe.

    Comments like the ones above are what keeps us coming back and trying to help Bumper make this the site he and we want it to be.

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    Well, I for one believe Bumper and his crew has succeeded in spades!

    This is by far, the most informative and least hostile forum on the internet.

    The decorum has been stellar. Yes, there are some heated debates here, but the moderators do a damn fine job of keeping people on track and do a good job refereeing. Some of those "heated debates" end up being the most informative and instructional.

    I think you'll find a good home here WHEC724. Thanks for posting your thoughts.
    Semper Fi

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    We appreciate the kind remarks and support of this forum. I really do believe we have some of the best forum members on the Internet. This forum originally started out as a experiment of sorts to see if we could build a forum on the topic of concealed carry (there were no others back then except PDO) and avoid some of the negative attributes of most forums. If you would have told me 5 years later we would still be open and still very close to our original ideals I would not have believed it was possible. But, here we are.

    The most important role of the forum, to me, is that it be informative and educational - a place for everyone to learn something that will help them stay safe and defend themselves and their families. As long as that keeps on, civilly, I am a happy camper. We very much appreciate those that help us keep to our original plan....
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