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This is a discussion on concerned and need advice within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Can you keep your strong side away from the road? Just a thought. Walk the other direction to do it if you have to, or ...

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Thread: concerned and need advice

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    Can you keep your strong side away from the road? Just a thought. Walk the other direction to do it if you have to, or if you can.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    The holster is black, On the day the truck slowed down I was wearing dark blue jean capris and a black top.
    Quote Originally Posted by canav844 View Post
    This may sound kinda stupid, but what color are your clothes and what color is the holster/gun? You may be making it extra visible, and a black gun on black clothing will jump a lot less than many other combinations. Which if it's men amazed at the sight of a woman with a gun, the darker colors and less contrast will let them continue down the road without second thought.

    If someone is circling the block three times I'd be extremely concerned, to the point at the very minimum I'd be picking up the cell, calling for a ride to come get me (I can finish walking the dog in another neighbor hood, just because you're armed doesn't mean you should take steps to avoid confrontation); and calling the local PD non emergency number and give the vehicle description and address, so that if I wasn't the cause and this car was up to no good, they'd be more likely to keep an eye on the area. And there's nothing to say he's not parking around the corner and deciding to try and sneak up on you from behind, so keep that head on a 360 swivel.

    I don't know about VA, but this past week or so was the first around here with decent weather so it may just be people rolling down the windows slowing down and enjoying the weather on the drive home. And your increased situational awareness could just be making you more aware of heads turning.

    I'd say trust your intuition, if a situation doesn't feel right, start taking steps to remove yourself from the situation ASAP, as it's better to heir on the side of caution.

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    you said your SA is alot more now... could this have been happening before and you didnt notice it?
    :) you might just catch guys eyes. and now you notice it :)

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    Well it could be lots of reasons. I have a feeling that some of the gawking might have been happening before if you're easy on the eyes, but now you're noticing it more because your SA is higher. There's probably some truth that the guys are looking more too. For many men, ladies+guns=amazing.
    "...whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one." (Luke 22:36)
    Christianity and Self Defense from a Biblical Perspective

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    I'm thinking it was you they were looking at and you just didn't notice the gawking before unless it was up close and personal (creepy). I've had more than one woman tell me they do feel watched, one even used the name of a local pet adoption show, 'Pets on Parade'.

    If you're attractive, and dress the part guys will notice. Trust me, I'm a preacher and a guy and I still notice. That's how we are wired. If you want to try an experiment just to satisfy your curiosity, try dressing down.

    Not too far down, just get away from the form fitting clothing for a day or two. Wear something loose fitting that covers more of you up and see if the gawking slows down (chances are it will never stop).

    If you're carrying an SP101 3" at 3:00 dark on dark, I'm thinking the pistol will go largely unnoticed.

    Just my .02

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    Same person/vehicle three times around the block? I'd be on the phone to the Police as soon as I saw him the third time.

    He could be just admiring the scenery or he could be planning a confrontation. To quote Frank Readick Jr, the announcer for The Shadow ...

    "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men ..."
    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert A. Heinlein

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Pinklady, in order for us to properly evaluate the problem and give suggestions, we need pics!
    My suggestion exactly. Perhaps there is something with the way you are presenting yourself that has people acting weird...need pictures to diagnose the problem.
    Speak softly, and carry a big stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinklady View Post
    What would you do?
    Shave you're head and grow a beard.

    Seriously, if you don't want the attention and believe OC is what brings it, then CC. --- Fighting for American's Gun Rights --- Fighting for Georgian's Gun Rights. --- Discussion of Georgia Gun Laws.

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    I think it's a combination of

    A) You're just now noticing

    B) The gun adds extra interest.

    Either way, as long as you don't develop a stalker, I would just take it as a compliment.

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    Tonight I went for my walk in the same place I had been and I dressed with blue jeans, and a white hoodie type jacket but made of material more like nylon. I carried very well concealed my husbands Ruger LCR and I still got two or three more than casual looks. I had my 6 year old son walking with me.

    Maybe it's just me and I've never notice til now. Since my SA is up more, now maybe I'm just now noticing the lookers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinklady View Post
    But when I get out in the evening for my walk I have so many men acting like they have never seen a woman before.

    I have been getting that kind of reaction every time I get out when it is just me or me and my son. I dress no differently now than I did before.

    This does bother and concern me.
    It would bother me, as well. The key is: you don't know if it's absolutely benign, or a precursor. I'm of the opinion that with the wrong person having that feeling it could definitely be a precursor.

    When you're out walking with your S.O., I am assuming the added attention doesn't occur. There's your answer right there, about whether you should be concerned.

    Guessing here: Strictly males ... strictly gawking, with occasional following ... getting worse when there are two or three of them together. If this is how it goes, imagine how far it could go if you take it to the logical conclusion.

    Caution. Eyes open, when you're out like that.

    If this were the reaction I got, I would ensure to never be out walking without another armed person, be it the S.O. or a friend or two. 25yrs ago, I might have thought differently, but the our culture has changed for the worse. Our culture has spawned a couple generations of largely amoral predators who believe in the mantra "Me First, At the Expense of Everyone Else."

    It has become quite dangerous to be caught out and about, alone and apparently a worthy target. I realize that you're armed. But that isn't stopping the gawking and following. Stay on the path. Go in in groups of two or more. I'd stick to the neighborhoods, and I'd start making it a point of getting to know everyone along those streets.

    Like you, I wouldn't give up my lifestyle, my walks, my enjoyment of life. But that means taking a few extra precautions in order to ensure security, such as one or two elements from the above list of possibilities.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    Men like a certain degree of assertiveness and confidence in women. A pistol on display certainly gives that impression.
    OC does draw peoples attention. It is out of the ordinary, especially for a woman. Anything out of the ordinary draws attention.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    It's spring time! Everybody is out and about more. I have the feeling that your an attractive woman. You mentioned your SA being higher now. You are now noticing peoples actions much more than you ever have. I bet you've been gawked at many times in the past, but you were oblivious to it. So now while carrying a firearm your watching everything around you and your seeing the horndogs that will stare at a pretty girl. Even if they are with their husbands /SO and child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Pinklady, in order for us to properly evaluate the problem and give suggestions, we need pics!
    I agree...the experts on this board can then review the pics and decide if it's you or the firearm that's drawing all the attention.

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    Actually, and a little more seriously than my earlier post, I think that perhaps YOU are just more Situationally Aware when you are carrying. You're awake now and paying attention to the wolves in the treeline/ Maybe?

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