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Thread: incident while OCing

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    GREAT story! Just full of WIN!

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    That is Great!!!!!! Im Amazed she remembered what you said about Carrying. I agree with others its time she begins the right of passage. Your daughter seems very responcible. Now is the time to teach her about weapons. I commend you Good job!!!!
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    Nice job Dad & a wonderful story. If she is showing an intrest in guns then it is time to talk to her about them & take her out to the range w/u.I started teaching my daughter how to shoot when she was 6yrs old but taught her about guns & gun safety long before that.When ever we go out the first thing she ask me is "Momma do u have Siglet on??" If she doesn't see it on my hip.I have always told her that the reason I carry is because I love her & want to be able to protect her at all times.One day while we were out shooting she said "Momma I love the smell of burning gun powder in the afternoon." That put the biggest smile on my face.

    She has gone to camp for the last two years & they have a shooting competition & each year she has come in 3rd place.She told me that I have to get working w/her again before she goes to camp this year because as she said "Momma I have to come in better than 3rd place this year so we've gotta get to working on my shooting."

    I think it is a wonderful thing when a parent & a child can enjoy shooting together.Good luck & keep up the great work w/ur daughter.

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    You're a great dad and your story did bring tears to my eyes. That was awesome. Your daughter is 1 smart cookie.

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    what part of columbus is the bad part??

    I go there often and would like to know...
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    Well, you made me teary-eyed. Great story.
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    Thanks for that story, you've got her started on the right foot...nothing beats 'dad and his little girl'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03ramit1 View Post
    my kid then says "He has it because he loves me." She is 5 years old and it was a comment that almost made me shead a tear right there in the bank.
    Sometimes it is just awesome being dad. Enjoy it now, things change. In about ten years, these memories will extend their life expectancy. Seriously when it is all done and said it will all be well worth it and these moments are some of the best in your life. Oh yeah and do teach her to shoot rack up some more memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03ramit1 View Post
    "She must be a handful if he has to carry a gun." We all got a laugh out of it, and my kid then says "He has it because he loves me."

    She is 5 years old and it was a comment that almost made me shead a tear right there in the bank.

    Everyone got really quiet. From that moment on, untill I held to door open for a lady entering the building, you could of herd a pin drop. People were really thinking about what she had said.

    And that's how simple it should be. Open-minded people in a certifiably non-threatening situation who are THINKING about the simple reality of what they are witnessing. Beautiful.

    With that statement, she probably converted half the folks who were there, via the utter simplicity of what she had said.

    By the way, hug your daughter tonight, for all the good people who recognize she's well on her way to seeing the world for what it is. Kudos!!
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    Absolutely take your daughter to the range! I have 4 boys and one girl who is 15 now. We have fairly regular father-daughter rage sessions. They are the best time in the world!

    Don't get me wrong, we go as a family too, me, the wife and all 5 kids but there are times when just she and I go. I want her to really be able to protect herself and so far, she really is good. She loves the father - daughter time and so do I.

    You should be proud of your little girl and the fact that she made a room full of adults stop and really think. She may have converted a couple of people who were on the fence about gun rights that day. She sounds like she is well on her way to being a capable young lady and you are to be commended for being a great Dad. Well done Sir!
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