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Need some advise/computer chair quarterbacking.

This is a discussion on Need some advise/computer chair quarterbacking. within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This sounds like a win-win situation to me. OC or CC aside, if the man was a genuine threat or not, most reasonable people who ...

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Thread: Need some advise/computer chair quarterbacking.

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    This sounds like a win-win situation to me. OC or CC aside, if the man was a genuine threat or not, most reasonable people who see someone coming at them in that matter feels threatened. Most people can naturally tell if something is not right, the only difference between being a sheep dog and a sheep is Situational Awareness. It has nothing to do with having a gun or not. In this situation the handgun obviously was not an issue with those guys because they still approached in an aggresive manner. The difference was made when the OP decided to assert himself and project the combat mindset to the threat saying, i know you are coming, I am ready for you, this will not turn out well for you. In my job, 99 percent of the time the steely "Leroy Jethro Gibbs" stare is enough to deter a threat. Should the OP have needed to defend himself, I am sure he would have done so responsibly and ended the threat the best he could. Good Work!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodstock View Post
    He already pointed out he's 19 and I don't know of a place where someone under 21 can get a concealed permit.
    At least one State you can, Indiana.

    To the OP, good job! Stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post

    That statement made me laugh out loud.
    There are funnier posts. Some of the input seems to come from bizarro land. Like the poor guy whose instructor passed on his dire warnings about the great corrupt pawn shop OC snatch and grab conspiracy. After all in 500 years it has never ever happened, not one single time. Never ever has a OC gun been snatched and grabbed to be sold to a pawn shop. Yet there he is on his students dime sharing his grave concern about the imaginary corrupt pawn shop OC snatch and grab conspiracy.

    Based in that, the instructor is such a twit I would not allow him to teach a one year old how to wipe their butt. One has to wonder if that instructor is an ex LEO due to his lack of credibility or general dishonesty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by calynn View Post
    Soon as we get there I see the thug who was walking up to me walk up to the bagging thing two registers away from us (the register was closed). We caught gazes, he grabbed a bag off the rack, balled it up, and headed back into the clothing.

    Did you notify anyone of this observation that could possibly stop a shoplifting?
    I suggest that if you can find in your inner self the will to inflict violence on someone who is trying to victimize you, and can back up that iron will with all the force that you can muster, you will most likely be successful.

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    If I had to choose, gray would be my favorite color...but I see no problems with anything you did.
    You were very alert, you started no incident, and you came home safely.
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