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Cabellas is anti OC

This is a discussion on Cabellas is anti OC within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sounds like the corp policy and the signage don't tell the same story and the employees are going off of the signs, not corp policy. ...

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Thread: Cabellas is anti OC

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    Sounds like the corp policy and the signage don't tell the same story and the employees are going off of the signs, not corp policy.

    Also sounds like they need to post new signs more in line with corp policy and refresh their employees on corp policy.

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    Our Cabelas (South of SLC) has signs stating clearly that they support CC and OC. If an employee told me otherwise...I'd simply show them their own sign which is plastered in 5 different locations at the entrance and cart parking. But I'm always concealed so it won't happen.

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    I was just at Cabela's in Rogers, MN today. This is the sign posted on all the main doors. I was open-carrying today, during my trip.

    * Note at the bottom they mention their support for second amendment rights.

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    Wow that's new. Perhaps they read this thread. : )
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    WOW !
    I read this whole thread and for a moment I thought I was on Glocktalk
    Not a good feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b1780 View Post
    I OC a bit more now that summer temps are here in this fine state of MN. This afternoon I went to the Cabellas in Rogers MN to do a bit of shopping. I had my eye on a new assualt rifle and needed more amo. So I am looking at some t-shirts that caught my eye, when out of the blue a store associate flags me down. He requests that I untuck my shirt to conceal my G22 that I am carrying. I am quite taken aback by this, due to the fact that their sign on the entrance clearly states that their firearm policy does not apply to those that have a concealed handgun license. Now keep in mind MN is an open carry state!. I very kindly ask this moron why he would like me to conceal, as I explain to him that it is unnecessary as they are not posted. I am completely following the letter of the law. He informs me that there are signs everywhere throughout the store that state that the firearm must be concealed. At this point I am pissed, seeing as this dope has no clue regarding the laws. I ask him to show me the sign that states this, simply because I allready know that it does not exist. Walking to the exit, without the items I intended to purchase, I see the store manager. I explain to him what his retard employee has asked me to do. I want to clarify Cabellas position on this before I will ever spend another dime in their store. I am told by this *** hat that if I want to shop in there store the firearm must be concealed. At this point I am upset about this event out of mostly principle. Sure I could have simply CC'd when entering, but I didn't want to, and I am completely within the letter of the law to OC. I inform the manager that they just lost out on about 2K worth of my business, and that I will be sure to express my dissatisfaction with others on this forum as well as other I know that frequent their store. He seems to not give a damn about this situation at all.

    I am curious, should I take this up with corporate, or just let this slide ?

    As a side note I OC'd all day at many store without any issue. I even made sure to dress for the ocassion. I wore a nice pair of Kakhi pants and a nice polo shirt. Even though I have been out of the military for a few years now, I still maintain a very clean cut military appearance. What would you guys do about this ?

    based on that sign a few posts up, sound like that store manager was an imbecile that likes to make up his own rules. i would contact corporate, email that sign to them, and demand something be done.

    i wouldn't avoid shopping there just because of one lib-tard manager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cad424 View Post
    I agree 100% with everything above especially the fact that the Fort Worth Cabela's rocks.

    The sign on the door at the Fort Worth store states that patrons that legally carry open or concealed are allowed in the store.

    Either way the OP acted like a child.

    i was told OC is illegal in TX.

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    As in Post #120 Cabela's has stated their policy concerning OC, repair, appraisal, etc. Glad to see they're posting it in the entrance windows now.
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