Why open carry?

Why open carry?

This is a discussion on Why open carry? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First off, I am about as pro gun as one can be so don't take this the wrong way. But what's the deal with open ...

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Thread: Why open carry?

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    Why open carry?

    First off, I am about as pro gun as one can be so don't take this the wrong way.

    But what's the deal with open carry? I understand carrying open in a place that does not allow concealed so please don't exploit that argument.

    I've read posts of people talking about carrying open in the grocery store, and burger king, and the like. My question is why? I do not see the logic in carrying open.

    The only pro that I can find for it is that it MAY be a deterrent to some individuals.

    But I can list many more cons on this issue. First off you're going to weird out sheeple. Just because they don't approach you and openly accost you or become inquisitive, don't mean they aren't all wondering, "um.... i don't see a badge... what's going on with that dude."

    Second, what some of you don't seem to realize is that the "Brandishing" laws are written in a way to screw you over when carrying open. All it takes is for one person to call 911 because your desire to open carry scared the crap out of them, and you're done. If someone feels intimidated, then you are in violation of the open carry law. Why tempt it?

    Third, unless you are constantly scanning your environment for possible threats, the bad guys are gonna notice you before you notice them. If you're in the mall at the food court ordering a hot dog with your Glock 22 strapped to your hip openly, you are going to be the first person an Active Shooter guns for, because he can immediately determine that you are a threat to him. He'll put a round in the back of your head before you even notice he's there.

    You take that same scenario, but instead of open, you're rocking your Glock in a Galco Summer Comfort IWB holster. Not only is the stuck up liberal house wife that's standing behind you, not calling her brother in law that happens to be a journalist with the local left wing paper, but you also don't stand out to the active shooter who just rolled in with a shot gun. Which means you have the element of surprise. When he starts firing you have a chance to get to cover and then draw your weapon.

    You still have your gun accessible, but the difference is that in the second scenario YOU decide when everybody else finds out you have a gun... IF AT ALL.

    Carrying concealed not only allows you to avoid possible negative interactions with sheeple and law enforcement, but it also grants you the element of surprise. Your best weapon is the ability to blend in and not appear threatening. That way when you do whip out your sidearm.... YOU CATCH THE BAD GUY OFF GUARD. When you carry open, the bad guys know you have a gun so they are mentally prepared for it.

    Unless you're in the woods or working as a uniformed law enforcement or security professional, you should always opt for concealed carry. Uniformed officers carry open because our entire uniform is a target to bad guys. So we need the quickest possible access to our firearms, but in plain clothes the goal is to blend in and not be noticed. Carrying open defeats the purpose of carrying plain clothed.

    I hope that the reason for open carry is not for shock value or attention, because if that is that case then I believe that you are not mature and responsible enough to carry a firearm.

    I am open to changing my mind on this issue if someone out there has a good argument for open carry, but please be rational and logical when stating your case.

    Carrying open simply because it's legal is a stupid reason.

    It's legal to drink a fifth of Jack Daniels every night.... doesn't mean it's a good idea.

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    "Discussion regarding open carry in those States where it is legal to do so. This is not a place to debate the virtues of open vs concealed carry."

    I noticed the second part after I posted, and I don't know how to remove a post. My apologies.

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    If this were a perfect world and people were all civil I suppose discussing the virtues would be fine... But I'm sure it won't only start a flame war. Anywho, good post, too bad it will be locked. :(

    I have only OC'd a couple times... Comfort really is the only reason I would do it again.

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    I don't live in a state where I can OC but the reasons you stated seem to me the only ones that make sense. Hunting and while at work if work requires a firearm. Any other place would make you an unnessecary target.

    Although, I do run through my mind a world where I could OC and it wouldn't be a problem. Just strap my Glock on my thigh and walk out the door. No crazy looks or gauking at it. But, I digress...
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    Closed per forum rules.
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