OC yesterday at local city park

OC yesterday at local city park

This is a discussion on OC yesterday at local city park within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Myself and the Pinklady went for a walk around the local city park yesterday evening. She was OC'ing her newly acquired S&W 60 in one ...

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Thread: OC yesterday at local city park

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    OC yesterday at local city park

    Myself and the Pinklady went for a walk around the local city park yesterday evening. She was OC'ing her newly acquired S&W 60 in one of my J.I.T. slides that fits my LCR since we havn't ordered her a holster yet. I'll tell ya, that back strap on the mod 60 really stands out.
    I was CC'ing my Kahr CW9 under a white T-shirt that had the XD logo on the front upper left and a huge black outlined drawing of an XD on the back. The shirt is not as big and baggy as some of my shirts, so my CW9 was printing on my right side a little.

    We usually will do about 9 laps around the park. About our 2nd or 3rd lap around one of the city LEO's pulls up at the park. He gets out of his car, puts on his smokey bear hat, goes around to the back of his patrol car and all the local kids (the ones that are there at the park at the current time) swarm him. He's handing out cards (baseball style card with his photo and what he does etc.) to the kids along with little stick on tattoo's of a police shield, and a piece of candy.

    We make our way around and walk right past the front of his car, on the sidewalk, Pinklady is closest to that edge of the sidewalk. He looks at us and keeps on about his business. Next time around we're wondering if he's going to stop us. I'm sure at this point he's seen her OC'ing the 60 and he probably checked me out and noticed I was printing. I figure for this he might stop us if not just to make sure I have a permit. Again, he looks, but doesn't say a word. We go on past.

    Our son, bashful as he is, won't go over to him, but either followed us, or stayed to the inside portion (playground area) of the park.
    Some of the kids went over and were talking to him and I guess the LEO sent a card, candy, and tattoo with the other kids for them to give to him. He showed them to us when we left.

    On our last lap one of the kids...same kid that a few weeks back saw us walking and notice my wife OC'ing went around on his bicycle telling everyone that she was carrying and pointing her out... hollered at us and asked why do you carry a gun? I told him for the same reason that people wear seat belts. This surprised but (the light came on) look came on his face. When we finished the last lap and got back to where we start (park), the same kid says something about knowing or not knowing about carrying a gun with a license. So I set him straight and told him that actually in VA as long as you're not a felon, you can OC a gun without a permit and you can CC a gun as long as you obtain a permit.

    I think we have a future CC/OC'er.

    We got home and I looked at the LEO's card. Says he was hired by the city in 2005, promoted to Sergeant in 2007. Special assignments are Firearms and Radar instructor.

    Sorry for the long post.
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    The Officer left you alone, just like he should. Good post.
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    Don't be sorry about the long post. To tell the whole story was a very important one, and the outcome was a very positive experience. Hope you have the same type of positive encounters in the future.
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    It was a good post! Here in AZ you're more likely to get into a good discussion of carry guns than have a problem with OC. Glad it went well for you.
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    Good stuff. Be nice if all encounters were like that.

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    Way it should be!

    all around!
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