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Off-duty LEO in Texas

This is a discussion on Off-duty LEO in Texas within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LongRider In response to your challenge I do believe that I did in fact provide verifiable evidence of OC'ing preventing a crime. ...

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Thread: Off-duty LEO in Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
    In response to your challenge I do believe that I did in fact provide verifiable evidence of OC'ing preventing a crime.
    Ummm... I didn't issue a challenge, I don't care enough to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDshooter View Post
    My philosophy on open carry is this: if you are in the Quickie-mart, getting a super-huge gulp and you are openly carrying, and someone rushed the store with their 12 gauge and, upon entering the store, saw your gun, you will most likely be the first to go. Having said that, I am totally for open carry, but I believe that legally concealed is better. To me, that one gun hidden on your person is worth three guns carried in plain sight when the doo-doo hits the fan. Just my $.02.
    I prefer a world where the BG runs in and everybody has an OC firearm. Kind of like the BG who tries to rob the cop bar, ya know?
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    That did happen, the two Mafioso, driving to LA stopped in a small road house, needed some cash!

    Pointing the two pistols they carried, told the customers, put your wallets on the table... 1st went the badge case, then the LARGE pistols were shown! They left! Bo one hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    LEOSA allows you to carry the weapons you have qualified with, does not state concealed or open. I myself carry cc as I don't want to attract any undue attention.
    Just a clarification. You do not have to be certified on the weapon you are carrying under LEOSA. I have one gun on my badge and id which I qualified with at work. I also have several other guns registered to me on my pistol permit. I can carry any gun I want under LEOSA. Only problem being my job is not going to indemnify me if I pop someone with a gun I haven't qualified with(not like they would anyway).
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    Quote Originally Posted by wybulldog19 View Post Gun Shop Robber

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that NO PERSON in the USA that was totin' a roscoe in "open carry" fashion was NEVER targeted and robbed for the sole purpose of that thief obtaining that firearm.
    Perfect. Thank you. This is EXACTLY the kind of tactic I have come to expect from anti's. I in fact would not be the least bit surprised to find this example on Brady Bunch's website as evidence of how open carriers are targeted because they open carry. When in fact this is a story of an idiot who robbed a gun store. A LEO present in the store at the time of the robbery and a store clerk killed the idiot. There is not one single mention of anyone open carrying.

    Yet here we are. The anti's and wybulldog19 waving it about proudly exclaiming here is an example of someone being targeted because they Open Carried. Forget the FACT that it was a gun store with NO mention of Open Carry but here is the evidence that OC will get you targeted none the less.

    I personally do not understand how anti self defense fanatics or volunteer victims process information. Forget that it has never happened forget that there is zero valid verifiable information to support the assumption. If they can imagine it is possible, it must be real. So they believe it and present it as fact using unrelated information to support their belief. Like this robbery story exposes the dangers of OC even though OC has no part in the story and OC is not even mentioned. Just as wybulldog19 imagines OC must have caused someone to have been targeted so it must be true after all he imagined it and here his robbery story proves it.


    Personally I prefer to base my decisions on verifiable facts. You of course are free to do as you please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant48 View Post
    With regard to a Texas Peace Officer carrying in Texas, LEOSA is irrelevant.

    As long as a peace officer has his/her LEO credentials on their person, they can open or concealed carry, on or off duty. Displaying a badge while open-carrying is a good idea, although I'm not aware of a Texas law that requires it. LE agency policies may vary.

    Texas peace officers are not required by state law to keep their firearms concealed, whether on or off the clock. (Texas peace officers are always on duty, unless legally intoxicated.) Now, their employing agency may well have guidelines on the subject, as does mine; I am required by policy to keep handguns concealed under most circumstances if not in uniform, and am expected to display my official ID, visible to the front, if my weapon has to be displayed. Badge? I don't need to stinkin' badge. Actually, so many impersonators have badges, a badge alone is next to worthless, especially as my PD's badge looks so generic. I don't always bother to carry it.

    Anyone who has never before seen Texas peace officers carrying openly while in plainclothes has not spent much time in rural Texas eating establishments. Even in city centers, I have seen Rangers and TABC agents carrying openly; almost invariably, their badge was visible to the front, and a handcuff pouch to the rear. Of course, Rangers have that look about them, making them identifiable from a block away.
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    Personally, I see some people on here that like to argue and see who knows more than the other guy. Not worth the hard feelings and effort that is put into it. Kinda nice to see our members getting along and having positive attitudes and not challenging someones opinion for the sake of an argument. That said, I ain't gonna open carry. LOL

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    Easy to forget that Texas is has such restrictive gun laws, because it is so contrary to the image the rest of us have of Texas.

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