My wife and OC

My wife and OC

This is a discussion on My wife and OC within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My jaw literally dropped last night. My wife actually said she wants to OC my Glock 36... I was speechless... I can't get her to ...

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Thread: My wife and OC

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    My wife and OC

    My jaw literally dropped last night. My wife actually said she wants to OC my Glock 36...

    I was speechless... I can't get her to carry let alone OC. Now this? It turns out the young men across the street are hollering and whistling at her as she is coming home and she feels uneasy about them, so she is going to take this "warning" and arm herself openly so they back off a bit.

    Hopefully she keeps it up

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    My wife is waiting for her CPL right now.

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    The reaction she may get may not be what she expects. They may start hootin' and hollerin' even more when she OC's. If they are whistlin' etc, like they find her attractive now...just wait until she straps on a gun. Just ask my wife the reactions she gets when she OC's.
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    I'm glad you wife is seeing the need to carry.
    But, I don't know if OC would be a good idea in this situation. It sounds like she just wants to "scare" them? (If so; it's the WRONG reason to carry.)

    My concern is that if your wife OC's in front of them, they may take it has a "CHALLENGE" to their budding manhood. (THIS could be disasterous!)

    The reason the young thugs are bothering your wife is because: "They know it bothers your wife."

    NOBODY can cause you to fear or feel uneasy; "UNLess" you give them that power. It sounds like your wife needs to take "HER" power back!

    BG's can smell fear!

    What if your nervous/fearful wife OC's and these guys take it as a challenge; then push their comments into confrontation?

    Is your wife willing to "KILL" someone over a few "cat" calls and lewd comments?

    Again; I suggest SD training and then CC training first.

    Training will help her build confidence; and confidence will go a long way in making her feel better about handling these situations. It will also send a "strong" message to these little wannabees; without your wife having to say or do much of anything.

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    If I may ask, why did you pick a 36 over a 30? I'm very seriously considering getting a 30, but wanted to know the advantages of the 36 over a 30. Thanks!

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    The OCing may not stop the hollering and whistling, I hope it would, but I doubt it. If the OC doesn't shut them up, then what's the next step.......?

    Maybe ignoring them, changing her schedule or where/how she parks and enters the house might slow some of that down.

    I definitely think she needs a weapon but I'd think that a CCW would be better. JMHO YMMV

    Good luck.
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